Wednesday, December 10, 2008

You're Gonna Go Far Kid... (I Mean It)

Today's song has just come to me in the past five minutes, when my sister found out that her boyfriend's band was bogus: Seriously.

From The Offspring song, "You're Gonna Go Far Kid." :

"...Show me how to lie you're getting better all the time, and turning all against one, is an art that's hard to teach... Nice work you did. You're gonna go far kid... With a thousand lies and a good disguise - hit em' right between the eyes. Hit em' right between the eyes..."

Well, Jared Leto (The BF) has a band, right, and he gave my sister two songs on a CD, that sounded totally out of this world!!! Now today, Wicked, Charlie Chick, Myself, Jason X, my sister and her boyfriend (Jared Leto) were playing Naruto and Car Racing and Dragon BallZ, etc... just before we all leave for separate holidays this weekend. So, when we started the car game, which was made in the USA, the theme songs were from the bands the Ramones, My Chemical Romance, and one more: The band, Rise Against. That's when my sister realised that the Rise Against song sounded exactly like Jared Leto's band. Seriously. So, he told her that was one song he based on the Rise Against song, that his band used. I think? BUSTED!!! Then the other Rise against song, and to put him to shame for hurting my best friend and only sister, the name of the song is, "The Good Left Undone." But, he told her that he wrote that song at college, and he even named it differently. That was almost 3 months ago. My sister even showed me the words and I told her how sweet it was that he wrote a song about her for her. His band even recorded it on CD, and it sounded awesome! Now, up until 5 minutes ago, all that was perfect. So, Jason X left me his Play Station just before he left my house today, so the rest of us could play (How nice of him!) =). So, I'm busy training Karunai from Naruto, when my sister calls me and tells me to read the words of this Rise Against song. And that's when it dawned on me: The Act of Shameful Plagiarism. I mean, so far, I've written over 80 songs,and not one of them were used by other artists, or copied. Not even the tune. Not even one of the lyrics. I swear. So she confronted him and guess what he says? He subconsciously re-wrote the Rise Agaianst song for her, because he heard it four years ago. Bullshit. Now, I'm a song-writer as well. But that's like me saying, "Oh, yeah. Four years ago I heard some Avril Lavigne song but I thought I wrote it. Now, I'm re-writing it to prove Avril Lavigne is a fake. Seriously. I wrote it for you, baby. I just, forgot that someone else wrote the same words with the same tune with a copyright infringemnt and a record deal. No harm done?" And I'm busy consoling my sister, while that rich bastard thinks he can just do whatever he wants to her. I mean, he's one of the sweetest and nicest guys, but to act so psychotic? Seriously, dude, NO. No , no, no! Now, I have no clue as to what she's going to do. She just told me now, that "He feels really bad and what not and that the words were meant for her." Gosh, how daft. But I guess I'll have to let it go. it's only Strike One, I suppose. And they have been together for almost a year now. Both of their first longest relationships.

Oh, and today, my sister beat Jared Leto and Wicked in Car Games. And Charlie Chick and I beat all the guys in Naruto and Tekken. Haha! Now, Jason X says, "It's a girl thing." Like I said earlier, some guys just can't take a hit. I may agree. Maybe girls have smaller fingers and longer nails that's why, you know? Maybe us girls can press the buttons easier or osmething. Hahahahahah! Yeah right! AS IF!!! But now, I'm leaving on Saturday for the coast, whilst Charlie Chick grooves on the other side of the sea, in Mauritius. Atleast i know Wicked and Jason X will be near the coast too, but in different cities, like almost a half hour to an hour away. And I know our parents won't let us visit one another while we're on holiday at the coast. But it's okay: Today was so much fun. We even watched an Old school movie - White fang. So sad, but a sweet ending. Cliche ending, but I like it.

"...And when it rains, On this side of town it touches, everything. Just say it again and mean it. We don't miss a thing. You made yourself a bedAt the bottom of the blackest hole (blackest hole). And convinced yourself that It's not the reason you don't see the sun anymore. And oh, oh, how could you do it? Oh I, I never saw it coming. Oh, oh, I need the ending. So why can't you stay Just long enough to explain? And when it rains, Will you always find an escape? Just running away, From all of the ones who love you, From everything..." True true. Written by Paramore, 'When it Rains.' True Hayley Williams. That's pure rockstar girl power for you! Only, for once, it's not raining today. But wouldn't that have been a cliche? to find out some horrible lie and it's raining? Seriously. Where's the fairness in that? LOL! And tonight, for some reason, I can't stop seriously. Seriously. It's like, addictive, or somehting.

Current Mood: Bland

Current Music: Bowling For Soup with the song, 1985. Ah, the memories of a time during which I wasn't born. Yet. =) Hehehe!

Quote Of The Day: "The world is less violent when people are using hula-hoops." - Mikey Way, My Chemical Romance

Goodnight, everybody! Punk_G0ddess has left the building! Oh damn, the door's locked. Wait, I'll say it again.

Oh, what's the point? Fine. I'll just go. You know!

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