Saturday, February 7, 2009


Okay, okay, okay - I know what you're thinking. As far as love songs go, Ashlee Simpson's pop version sucks. I mean, WTF is up with the lyrics?! "L,O-L,O-L,O-L O V EL,O-L,O-L,O Oh did you here me sayL,O-LO-L,O-L O V EL,O-L,O-L,OOh did you hear me sayL,O-L,O-L,O-L O V EL,O-L,O-L,OIm talkin' boutL,O-L,O-L,O-L O V EL,O-L,O-L,O-L,O"... Dude, C'mon!
But, since it's the month of love, I'll try to be nicer. Okay, so yesterday Jason X, Wicked, myself, Charlie Chick, Hiro, Charlie Chick's best friend and my cousin and some other random dude who dislikes my cousin was at Charlie Chick's house. But what's also annoying is that on the ride home from school, Charlie Chick accused me of disliking Gypsie Girl, because I admit all the weird ways in which she reacts to me. Like hello? If I disliked anyone, I'd be swearing them and saying that I don't want to hang out with them. But honestly, the latest news is that I hate her - thanks Charlie. Just shows how high your opinion of me is - especially when you didn't want to believe me about everything else and you know what I mean. And I'm writing it raw like this, cos' I know she'll be reading this by tomorrow. Oh, and I was right; Jason X finally admitted to liking her last night, and she sent me his private messages. Frankly, I think they would make a cute couple, but apparently I'm a stubborn, sensitive, stupid, Gypsie Girl-hating liar, so what would I know. Then again, I'm so over Jason X's mood swings with me, so I'm officially not talking to him anymore. I hope he has a great life in America or New Zealand, or wherever he's moving to after twelfth grade. Cos everyody tells me that people like that aren't worth hanging round with. Oh, and in the movie Skyhigh I was watching today, there's a saying, "True friends will understand...", which I've been doing for seventeen-something years, but now I'm tired. It's time he put some effort into being less of a jerk to me. And now everyone pities me, so like I'm just going to break off all contact until they all come to their senses and realise that I know that they're talking about me, because unfortunately I have ears and trustworthy contacts, who all turn on each other without realising it. So, right now, whatever anyone says, I'll know almost what's going on. Oh, and Charlie Chick, sorry to hear that you were in hospital. Pity I couldn't have visited you, but I understand, cos that's what true friends do. Can't say the same for Jason X.
And P.S. Stop calling me stubborn Charlie cos if so, he's been a stubborn jerk to me all my life. And I've had enough. And yeah, just go around telling everyone it's my fault that he hates me. Cos that's how it is. Always my fault. Have a nice life. And I'm only coming on Wednesday to visit our old school with you just BTW Charlie, just so I can see Mahogany cos' I miss her and some of the old teachers.
Have a nice day. You can thank Jason X for ruining my weekend Charlie.
Good afternoon, for once I'm posting during the afternoon and not the night, which should tell my regular readers something.