Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Never Again..."

“Never Again” by Kelly Clarkson, or “Hot ‘N Cold” by Katy Perry… I wonder which tune better describes the friends I have. How about: “Cos you’re hot then you’re cold. You’re yes then you’re no. You’re wrong when it’s right. Does it suck, to know I’ll never be there? Does it hurt, seeing my face everywhere? It was you – who just end it like you did. I was the last to know. You knew, exactly what you would do, and don’t say. You simply lost your way. They may believe you but I never will… Never again…”
Gosh. It’s been a really crazy week – studying, studying, studying, and I’m only ending exams in TWO WEEKS!!! Okay, so I’ve been edging to write this entry, cos up until the last five minutes, I felt as if I was gonna explode from no-blog-writing-syndrome. No to mention the fact that things are pretty crappy right now…
Okay, so firstly, this weekend I went to Drakensberg, and then to Lesotho where I saw snow! Hooray! For the first freakin’ time in my entire freakin’ life! Okay, okay. I’ll chill. Not forgetting to mention that I hate my name and my lame-ass excuse for a middle name, oh and that I thought of all the really cool things I could say in this entry two nights ago, which I’ve now forgotten… =(. Moving on, I think Wicked and I are somehow fighting, though neither of us knows what it’s about. Okay I’m lying. I know what it’s about, but I’ve started this new motto, where I’ll just forget whatever crap my friends say about me or put me through, cos it helps to just forget about it. So, even if one of my friends burnt down my bedroom, I’ll smile and say, “Why thank you, I’ve been wanting to get rid of that bed for ages…” =). Oh, and this includes Charlie Chick, cos for the past three weeks, she has been making me sooooo mad! And when I tried saying something, she just rolled her eyes and walked away, and this is the only way I know she’ll find out without me actually having to scream at her. So, like lately, she like disses me in front of everyone, and doesn’t even listen to what I’m about to say. Like today, I was telling her about my weekend, and I started of, “So, seeing that it’s winter…’ and she’s all like, “You don’t say smart ass!”, and all the people I hate heard it and burst out laughing. Even on Thursday, I said something and she was like, “Wow, you’re so smart hey.” In front of one of those bitches. And then the previous week too. She doesn’t even give me time to finish, and I was like, “Nevermind” today, and she just rolled her eyes and said, “Right… I have to study.” Well, Charlie, now you know, and I hope you’re going to make time out of your busy life to fix it, cos I’m just gonna pretend like nothing’s wrong. Cos it’s easier than fighting with a wall.
Oh, and Drakensberg was extremely cold! And the weirdest thing happened today: I was so mad at Charlie for embarrassing me, I wasn’t even writing properly. I even forgot how to spell and I like wrote crap in my Drama paper, which is the farthest thing that is typical of me. And it sucked, going only with me and the dinosaurs, and the white bitch, who loves screaming at me cos it exercises her lame larynx. And weird shit is also happening, cos like every day something from my room goes missing in twos: First my candles, then my magnets, then my palm mirrors oh and I’m starting to believe my underwear too. Okay, and I feel really guilty, cos that’s just how I roll? But on Tuesday, I was so aggravated that all my room things are just vanishing, even when I wasn’t at home. So, I like went into our domestic worker’s room and like checked everywhere but nada, and she is like family to me. I even checked my parents room and my forgotten sister’s stuff and room. Oh, I’m kinda happy now, cos it’s raining, and that kinda calms me down. Oh, and Charlie was trying to set me up with my conservative cousin’s cute best friend! But the thing is, my cousin will murder me if he finds out. But sometimes I don’t get Charlie, cos we went for milkshakes and we laugh a lot and she’s always unconscious of the things she says and does; sometimes it’s good, but then she turns around and ruins it by doing something really bitchy, but the crappy part is that I never know if what she’s doing is right or wrong, cos ¾ of the time, she’s a really good friend. And people will say if my friend was doing that, I would leave, blah blah blah, but she’s such a good friend, it’s like so confusing I just don’t want to even speak to her cos I’m afraid she’ll get mad or rap at me for the smallest things! And everyday I can’t wait to go home, cos we have so much fun on the ride back home from school, but in the morning it’s like a mission to understand her. Oh, and the nagger aunt is doing what else? Nagging me about my sister, and saying that I’m lying and all that shit and that we’re talking in private and now the whole family is probably turning against me, cos I’m getting swearing (not literal swearing) for her mistakes. And I think my dad is aware of it now, cos he’s kinda letting me do what I want, letting me watch what I want, eat what I want. LOL! Like he’s scared I’m also going to leave home because he didn’t let me eat fish when I wanted to. Hehe… Crazy!
Oh, and love is in the air once more; either that or Jessica Simpson farted again: Okay, so now you know Mahogany and Hiro hooked up; well, get this, Hiro’s pretty cousin and Jason X are kinda hooking up as well, and everybody knew (Once again, beeeeg shocker there) except me, hence the song title. And I’m so awesomely happy, cos Charlie’s found a stable guy; as in, not a fling, or a short-term relationship, but a stable love at last! I’m so happy for her and him, whom we’ll call Golf from now on. Oh, and I haven't seen Gypsy Girl in like ages since exams started? And I think Wicked also likes Hiro’s other cousin, she’s also pretty but it’s so typical of my guy friends. But the thing is, we all think he likes her, but won’t admit it, cos 1.) Hiro will kill him, and 2.) She has a boyfriend (Once again, big shock there)… Okay, I know this is a long blog, so I’m gonna try and wrap it up. Lastly, I dedicate this blog to a friend of mine, Lady Ayaka, cos she also wants to start her own blog, and she’s completely obsessed with Jap guys. Not that I blame her, they are so freaking hot and smart! So, I’ve never done this before, but in the history of blog, this one’s to you and your passion for the Asians, good luck with your own online diary, girl! Why you may ask am I dedicating this? Cos I like making people feel special, even if I get trampled. It’s a shitty way to roll, but the engine’s still currently busted.

Current Mood: Excruciatingly freezing! And lethargic, I need to exercise more. No, not exorcise and practice voodoo with a Bible in hand, but actually move my femurs.

Current Song: Skye Sweetnam has officially made the greatest pop rock chick comeback in the history of my ears! With her new album, ‘Sound Soldier',
her hits like “Babydoll Gone Wrong” and “Music Is My Boyfriend” bring out the punk in every super girl.

Current Quote: “Here’s to the crazy ones, the actual geniuses in this universe. Because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones that actually do…” – by Me

Goodbye, goodnight. I have to go watch Simon Baker in the Mentalist. Oyasumi Tomodachi. Here’s a few of the lyrics to “Rain” by Gackt.


“Dare no koe mo todokanai nara watashi ga subete keshiteageyounandomo onaji ayamachi o kurikaeshita kanashimi
ni furuetsuzukerukieru koto no nai omoi o mune ni ugokanai hari ni furetayasashii taiyou no hikari o abita yume wa shiroku yozora ni kietaame wa watashi no namida,kanashimi wa ienu mama...
tsuki no toiki ni miseraretetoki o nakushite wakaru... shi shite imi ga aru koto owatashi no koe wa todokanaianata ga kureta saigo no kotoba waima mo kono basho de nakitsuzuketerukanashimanai to sou kimeta kokoro ni yozora no tsuki ga namida o nagasuyoru ga mata anata o tsurete kieteyuku…” =) NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm missing the Mentalist because of this darn blog! PEACE In Da Middle East