Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rammy Zero... Sang the title tune to Smallville's, "Somebody save me." Which is how I'm feeling right now. On this partly cloudy Sunday, and having walked more than 7,5km for a fun walk organised for the community by my previous school - I am beat! Honestly! And guess what? When we got to the end, Wicked, Jason X and I ran for like two seconds, i'm not kidding, two seconds! To cross the road, and the teachers said that we were disqualified, and Mahogany got a voucher for a local fast food take-away when she was right behind us... I could kick myself right now... All that for nothing!
And in two weeks time, school is going to close for two weeks to mark the end of the first semester back at school!
And a new revelation: I had a dream in December 2008 sometime that Wicked would stop talking to Charlie Chick, Jason X would confess his true feelings for Charlie Chick, and Hiro and Mahogany would become a couple... Guess what... I just found out last Tuesday - that I was right! They all occurred! In that exact order! Now that is creepy... So yeah, Hiro has gotten over me and moved on with my best friend. And I am cool with it. You know why? Cos I'm not surprised. I saw this happneing in a dream. And this kinda stuff happens to me alot... Like seriously... I can say something, and the next day it'll come true. Hiro thinks I'm psychic, but I just think that coincidences are a fan of mine.
And well, that's what's been going on, other than my sister left home on March 1 2009, and now I'm all alone at home. Cos she ranaway from that withcbitch of a mother of mine. And so I've converted her room into a winter room, where all my warm clothes are there, and I will sleep in her room in winter, otherwise my mother is going to throw away all of her clothes and ornamanets she left behind. And I hid away all her summer clothes as well in my cupboard, so my mother can't throw it away. And hence I've 'Pretended' to make my room a summer room... Clever, hey? =) And so all her belongings belong to me, under the pretence for my mother that I will actually use all of them, and spent the weekend cleaning that Grim Reaper off my sister's wall, and packing clothes into the different rooms. I don't know what I'm going to do for the December holidays this year. 6 weeks by myself on holiday with the parentals... =( No sister... I'm alone... You see? I'm already planning for December!!! I actually want to leave too... But I'm not that stupid... And like, my cousin and Charlie Chick and my dad are angry at me for what I did to my sister's room, and don't get why I did what I did. It's only to protect my sister's belongings. And she forgot about me now, no contact on that side, so I don't even know why I bother with MY ONLY SISTER!!! =(. Sheesh! And now my grandparents (Who by the way live with us in a flat above our house) have left on their recent annual holidays, for two months, and my gran (My real motherlike-figure) has left me alone with that bitch of her daughter-in-law, who can't face the fact that Charlie is like a sister to me, and that I love all of my friends. So screw you and your opinions mother dearest. I hate bringing friends over for that...

Current Mood: In pain from the legs down...

Current Music: Darin Zanyar featuring Kat DeLuna - Breathing Your Love. Awesome track for R&B pop lovers! =)

Current Quote: "Don't feel bad for the suicidal cats, gotta kill themselves nine times before they get it right..." - Haha! So true! From Fall Out Boy's "West Coast Smoker" lyrics off their new album.

Okay, I'm like gonna go rest now, or attempt to, since I'm like Insomniatic, Logorretic and Crazy... So Bye for now... =)