Monday, March 21, 2011

The Great Escape

Wow, it feels so good to be back. I've been away for over two months, even my computer has wiped blogspot from its history. So, let me start off as I always do, with a song one knows and a kickass message half of South Africa is too lazy to think about:

"It's goodbye but we got one more night. Let's get drunk and ride around, and make peace with an empty town. We can make it right... Throw it away! Forget yesterday! We'll make the great escape. We won't hear a word they say, they don't know us anyway. Watch it burn, let it die coz we are finally free tonight..."
Yes, as odd as it may seem I am referring to the best years, the free days - GETTING A DEGREE WHILST BALANCING YOUR DRINK AND ECONOMICS TEXTBOOK (Or in Lamen's terms, COLLEGE) by using this awesome song by Boys Like Girls, titled "The Great Escape." Obviously, duh, or as my friend Gold (from University) likes to put it, "No shit Sherlock."

Well, let me fill you in on everything that happened since my drunken escapades. So, on the 6th January (my last blog post) I got inebriated (to put it nicely) and then on the 22nd, the whole gang went out together, to celebrate our last time of being this close before University started. Well, all I'm allowed to say is that vegetarian Jason X had an allergic reaction to Salmon pasta and was hospitilized, which could have been prevented if anybody at the table knew the difference between Penne pasta and Spaghetti. Needless to say, I did know the difference but I was outside the restaurant chatting to my long lost sister... Moving on, Orientation Week then started on the 31st January and ended on the 11th February, which was a total waste of time and extremely exhausting. However, Mahogany and I did use the pain to make new friends before campus actually started - on Valentine's day. So, to sum up, the whole gang (Wicked, Charlie Chick, Mahogany, Jason X and I) are attending the same University, except for Hiro who is at a different University with Nee-Chan, about an hour away. Plus, my best friend Mahogany has been transferred to another campus of the University, so the only time I ever see her is when I look at my Facebook wall. Very sad indeed. There are so many cute - maybe H.O.T - guys at campus, but that's all I'm gonna say, because there's a possibility a specific guy is reading this. And I think he likes my close from campus, whose name I can't mention in this post.

Moving on, Wicked (who is studying Electronic Engineering, or Electrical who knows) told me there's a shop named after him at a beach resort he stayed at over the December holidays, and I promised to put this picture up:

So there you have it, Wicked is inevitably famous and he has a girlfriend now, who's very sweet. =)

On the 27 February, it was my favourite and insane cousin's 18th birthday, and we went to a club - both our first times. It was a very cool experience, save for the part where some creepy Indian guy grabbed me and tried to sweet-talk me. We only got home at 7:30am! Whoa, thank heavens I stayed by her house that day, otherwise this blog would have ended due to the fact that its crazy writer was slaughtered by her strict parents...

I've been learning to drive ever since I got my Learner's Licence on January 13, and it's been taking up all of my free time, escpecially the time I needed for studying. Yes, I'm talking about you, you horrible Chemistry mark. By the way, I decided to study Biological Sciences and take my chances to get into Medicine, which is the reason I am studying at with Charlie Chick and them. Thus, the haunting of Physics continues, but atleast it's only for six months - and then I might get accepted into Medicine... I hope... And my other news is that on Friday I passed my Driver's Test. Yay, I guess. Everybody seems excited except me. Forgive me for being more stressed about my grades to get into Medicine, than some green paper stating that I can now drive without my dad in the car. or maybe I'm still in shock about the fact that they actually gave a klutzy-nut like me a licence. My family is still in shock people.

Hmmm, to conclude, let me attempt to humour you with my klutzy moments at University, or as my friends put it, SHEER BAD LUCK, followed by the quote, "IT COULD ONLY HAPPEN TO ME..."

1. I sat a few rows behind my crush, and when the class emptied I moved to sit next to him. As I sat down next to his hotliness, he gets up and moves to the exact seat in the back, where I was sitting five minutes before.
2. Everyday I freeze atleast one computer in the library. A day without this occurring, is a day wasted.
3. My flash drives never respond or work on the computer I use, but seem to register on my friends' computers in the library.
4. My driving instructor even told me that I have bad luck, and that my mother should pray for me.
5. You know it's going to rain the day I pitch up in class wearing sandals and shorts, with a bag that suddenly breaks in the Physics lecture.
6. I have a full cellphone battery in the morning, I need transport home and suddenly my battery is low, and then I get home and it's a full battery again.
7. The day I acutally bring my wallet to buy a milkshake or ice-cream is the day there's a massive power outage in the city, so no frozen foods are available. For 3 days. (I don't bring my purse everyday because I have such bad luck, I might lose it)
8. Having no sense of direction doesn't help when your transport driver wants you to walk to the other side of campus with a guy you know hates you, because you have no idea where to go and he's the only one who does.
9. Did I mention I always have to sort out a query with my Physics Head, on the days she's cranky. Which happens to be whenever I need to speak to her.
10. I swear I'm not the reason the lifts and student card systems aren't working. contrary to what my family and friends say.
11. Yes, that is me running to the wrong class with a broken shoe because traffic made me late.
12. No, I'm not having a bad day; my hair iron just refuses to work on the days I need to speak to my crush.
13. No, I didn't ask my mother to pack Tuna salad when I have a 2-hour chance to speak to him.
14. Why does my watch stop working when I'm about to write a test and need the time, then miraculously begin to work again when I get home?
15. Yip, I did lose all my stationary on the first day of campus and almost get knocked over by cars.
16. No, I am not a pessimist (no matter what my friend Gold says), I refuse to go with the flow, maybe I do stress too much but I still remain a generally happy person, even though my alarm clock forgets to work, my calculator is apparently faulty and my driving is so cursed, only I can find traffic at four-way stops in quiet streets.
17. Don't even get me started on all the bad things I do to my lab partners in Chemistry. For example, knocking over their test results...

Cute guy, if you are reading this, you're in for one hell of a wake-up call with air-hockey machines at the mall going out of order, and me tripping on everything flat (so don't walk near me when it's raining)

Current Mood: If you thought school was tough, try a day at varisty. Whoever invented it ought to be shot. 'Nuff said.

Current Music: "Bad Romance" by Artist Vs. Poet (Lady Gaga cover) The electric guitar in the beginning is awesome, as is My Chemical Romance's "Famous Last Words."

Current Quote: I am seriously addicted to the movie Real Genius (Val Kilmer was a total hottie) and all the witty quotes. For example:-
Professor Hathaway: Chris, I need to see more of you in the lab.
Chris: Fine, I'll gain weight.

That's it for now, if you need more I'll drive (because I'm legal now) to the nearest internet cafe and find a computer that isn't frozen.

Until I knock myself into the Chemistry lab table, accidentally splash hydrochloric acid on myself and spill iodine solution all over my answer sheets again, this is it for now. I didn't burn myself with the acid, in case you were concerned, or not.

ex oh ex oh
Punk_Goddess (I thought I'd try the whole XOXO Gossip Girl thing. Turns out, it's pretty weird for a nut like me)

"Watch it burn, let it die. Coz we are finally free tonight..."