Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our Time Is Here

"Gone are the days of Summer. We couldn't change it if we tried. But why would we want to? Let's go where we gotta. Our paths will cross again in time. Our time is here..."
A catchy tune off the Camp Rock soundtrack by Demi Lovato. This is Matric baby! The pressure starts now. This is the final chapter in a book I like to call "High School." Summer is offcially over. It is now the beginning of Autumn. Well, last month to be exact. The point is, I've realised that it's time to make a change.

Read till the very end.

(I've written this blog with the few good songs I salvaged in March, as my PC broke 3 weeks ago. I hope the title fits. Not to mention I had to retype this entire blog due to non other than a computer failure that occurred just now. It sucks being an unlucky klutz).

Okay, well alot has happened in the past I-don't-know-how-many months. I'm not in the right mind to rephrase all the past events, so I'll sum up April-May:
♥ For one, my PC totally crashed - that was the painfully ending part to my busy week and all my iTunes music got deleted.
♥ The day that my computer went conked was my Grade 12 Farewell Dance, and that was outrageously fun. Hmmm... what else? Oh yes, Lady Ayaka and her "boyfriend" broke up, much to his shocked and stupefied dismay. Gypsy Girl left my school and went back to her hometown. Charlie Chick and her new boyfriend are on a break. Oh yeah, I also took Jason X as my partner to the dance, and to this day everybody in my classes are still going on about it and what a cute couple we made. Yay - not. I've heard that song too many times...
♥ Sunday was Mother's Day and obviously, the Witch Bitch had to ruin it - seeing that it was a day of celebration in her honour of course.
♥ And lastly, Ayaka and I have recently become close friends with her ex-boyfriend's so-called "frenemy." From now onwards we shall call him "Psycho Arrow." How the name arose is a really long and funny story, but there are more important things to discuss. All I know is that from now onwards he may start to play a big part in this blog. Well, actually, he is the reason she and I have been going to bed at 1am on school nights in my final year of high school.

I don't know... I've been putting off writing for a while now, but then my mother came into the TV room and made me switch to a program she never watches, even though I was busy watching the series "Ten Things I Hate About You." Like always, she peeved me off and I was totally bored so here we are now; making love on the bathroom floor like some cheap Shaggy song.

I though I'd just update you on stuff before the June exams start in May (Don't even ask about June exams in MAY. This is South Africa) in two weeks. Also, due to the 2010 Soccer World Cup, everything is being moved up . Yes, I said soccer, not football. Bite me.

Almost every girl in school wants Jason X's number because he looked "So freaking hot!" in the dance photos. Yes, of course I'll give him your number you eighth grade freak.

As I was saying, I think it's time to make a change. I am going to try and not let my so-called parents get to me. I am going to aim for eight distinctions at the end of the year. I am going to get into a good - no, great - Medical School. This is my final year of what has been an awkward, painful, yet somewhat adventurous and entertaining 12 year journey. In five months it will all be over for good. Oh, and here's the shocker of the century: May is the halfway point for the end of the year. 5 months, that's it. And then I have to write my finals, bugger off and get pregnant in some varsity dorm. I'm kidding. I meant in a varsity flat.

So make the most of it.
Salvage every moment this year.
Finally, OUR time is HERE.
Here's to the Matrics of 2010!!!


Adios Chicos
(The works)
ME, but you already knew that...