Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Waterloo =D

“Waterloo - knowing my fate is to be with you. Waterloo - finally facing my waterloo…” An infamous song by the 70s pop group, ABBA. Also known as a main battle for Napolean (wonder if it too was about a lavatory...) These were the thoughts of a many residents in my city, where their water was shut down for 2 days – in short, no fresh food, bathing… or toilet water. Singing this song when the water comes back….

Hey, hello once again, invisible readers. Well, not much has happened except Diwali was two weeks ago, and we didn’t celebrate (thankfully) because we had three deaths in my family, and when someone dies in the Hindu community it means that your life must shut down because they’re dead and can’t celebrate anything. So basically we don’t celebrate anything for the next 365 days after their death. Oh joy…. Fasting totally sucked, because this year it ended the day before Diwali, so it was really a long struggle to eat meat. Oh, and I must tell you about my klutzy ways, especially the stupid sh*t that I did in the week of Diwali.
So, our sadistic municipality decided to shut down the water for 2 days in some random places in my city. So basically there was no water for their toilets, as the bitches in school were saying, hence the Waterloo song. I was watching TV on a Wednesday when our maid (whom I’m officially at war with, but that’s another story) came into the room and told me that our Egyptian neighbours received a phone call stating that our water was going to get cut. Here’s what happened:

Me: “Oh…. Okay…”

Her: “Ya, okay I’m going.”

Me: “Cut our water?! When?”

Her: “Now.”

People, that TV was switched off faster than you could say apple.bottom.jeans! I ran to the kitchen and desperately filled pots and jugs with water, all the while glancing at the microwave clock. I literally filled every single water bottle, jug and pots in that kitchen, including the kettle, and my grandfather filled two huge ass buckets with water too. I ran to go wash my hair in like five minutes, and as soon as I came out I continued filling items with water and covering them – with my dripping hair and soggy towel on. Meanwhile, the people in my house (and my visiting younger cousins) were looking at me like I was crazy, and like totally calm as if it was gonna be okay that they were gonna stink for the next two days. And my cousins were playing outside, getting sweaty and smelly – even though their water was shut off for three days already! Like, ew, dude! So anyway, we waited and waited, and they never cut it (fortunately) and I remember thinking to myself, “All we need now to make up for not getting our water cut is a power outage.” And guess what? Four hours later, the electricity cables in my street were stolen. I swear Murphy was an optimist….

Things at home aren’t that bad (LOL who am I kidding? My family makes the Osbournes look sane). It’s just one big fight after another, because it’s my fault I can’t see the future, smell chores or read minds. Sigh, but what can you do? Oh, and I wrote two new songs, not like it's gonna get me anywehre.... And like other stuff is happening with Hiro’s cousin and Chatz – they are finally going out! It was like a scene from Sex and the City, when that woman found out her friend was going to get married – finally. I literally screamed of joy on the inside. AND they had their first kiss! Sorry, I’m a hopeless romantic. Even with Charlie – no idea what’s going on with her love life, only time will tell. And with Hiro and Mahogany – apparently it’s non-existent now… And with Hiro’s other cousin and Jason X – like I said, I can’t see the future. And there are three sisters that are Hiro’s cousins. One is with Chatz, the other may be with Jason X – all we need now is a triplet bond with another guy friend of mine. Joy….

Exams are starting in two weeks for me, and so far, the timetable the government gave us sucks like a leech. Either way, I’m being optimistic (or trying to) with all the other occasional fights going on. Cos, the more you run from conflict, the sweatier you’ll be when it finally manages to slow you down and smack you on the head.

Current Mood: Unperturbed, which is unlike an energetic maniac like me =)

Current Music: “Work” by The Saturdays. This song just makes me want to get up and dance!
Current Quote: “Friendship is like peeing on yourself: Everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings.” Hehe….. =)

Signing out, as my mother puts it, an idiot

AKA Punk_Goddess

Keep smiling, cos Colgate needs the support

=) Mwa, happy reading