Thursday, December 11, 2008


Well, readers, for once, I have almost nothing to say. Which is why I leave you with a crammed paragraph, the only reminder of Stevie Wonder's famous song, "Superstitious", and please, do not ask how I know this song. So, I'm fighting (Figuratively, not literally) with the internet to download Demi Lovato's latest album, 'Don't Forget', when Mahogany tells me the gretest news: Congrats to all the readers in New York city; you now have yourself a White Christmas. Which is kinda creepy, since I told Mahogany it might snow during that time, and we've never seen snow before. It's like the same day I told her that it would snow there, it started snowing for the first time. Creepy, or the work of the Big Guy, Santa Claus? Or, as in the Santa Claus movie themes, Scott Calvin.

Other breaking news, is that I woke up at 12pm today, after sleeping for twelve hours and going to bed at 12am. And, yes, tonight I have nothing more to say, oh and that I packed my suitcase for Saturday after's parent's nagging and my own useless boredom, of which I'm not being sarcastic. And Jared (who was supposed to verse me today in Naruto, with the Play Station Jason X left behind yesterday) could not make it to our non-plagiaristic house, so I had to verse the computer in Naruto, which was so stupid and pointless, because it stops moving the characters to allow you to beat up the COMputer character. I don't know why. Well, I'm going to get back to playing (Yes, this late. Twenty-to-midnight) because tomorrow I'm going to have to give it back to Jason X, who is acting rather weird, like sad or drained, and he doesn't want to tell me what's wrong. I'd tell of the bad dream I had last night after sleeping for twelve hours, but it's actually so funny, I realise it's not even scary anymore - And my version of scary is House Of Wax, because I can laugh at any horror, even the Amytville Horror, except House Of Wax. So, me being slightly superstitious, I should tell it to you, to make sure it never comes true, but trust me, with the size of those sharks in my dream - it probably never will. Unless those sharks eat the blood orchids, like in the movie Anaconda 2, when the snakes grew freakishly long because of eating the blood orchids.
Okay, goodnight, and good riddance (To the sharks, not you, my wonderful, heart-beating, mp3-stealing, neighbour-spying, puppy-buying, pizza-loving freaks, a.k.a, my readers). Seriously, (there I go again with the seriously), but seriously I think I'll start my own religion. Freakism, or Seriousism or or or... uhm, Plagiarism. Oh wait, thats a word. But I think Plagiarism is the religion Jared Leto belongs to, because he doesn't know what religion he is. He told Charlie Chick yesterday that he's white, but he's actually a Hindu with no religion. I wonder what my parents would do if they found out that my sister and I were Egnostic. Jeez. Dead meat. Ignore the pun, because Hindus in South Africa do eat meat, okay?! But it doesn't mean you don't believe in God, just people who are Egnostic believe in a higher being, but that you can't prove whether or not God exists, but until then we'll just pretend He/She doesn't, because we are all entitled to our own opinions, what what.. yeah...

Current Mood: I've got sore fingers from playing too much Naruto, and my right hand is still sprained from playing basketball last week Thursday (Hey! Exactly a week since the incident!) and taking a great fall. So, go figure. And I'm tired. Like a Zombie. Damn, I can't wait to get to the coast! So, tomorrow will be my last blog, please remember. :(

Current Music: Demi Lovato - Party, from her album, "Don't Forget". It's a nice song, I guess. Just sometimes Demi sings like she's out of breath. But if I could be anyone in the world, I'd choose to be her. She's pretty, got a successful career in Disney, her best friend is Disney actress Selena Gomez (Whom Demi recently made a movie with, Princess Protection Program), she sang with The Jonas Brothers for freak's sake, she's talented and can play the guitar, writes her own songs (Like me!) and has an amazing voice! Yip, I'd choose to be Demi Lovato. Like in Meg Cabot's latest book, Airhead, my brain could be put into Demi's body if her brain died in an accident, and if my body was hurt in the same accident, and we were in the same place, at the same time, and her body was the only one available with a dead brain, and... Okay, that'll never happen. Whole-body-transplant. But still. You never know. I can dream, can't I?

Quote of the day: "Life is for one generation: a good name is forever." - Japanese Proverb.

So, with that...

Oyasumi nasai (おやすみなさい). (Goodnight in Japanese, duh.) :P

I'm missing Mahogany soooo much!!! And, I'm going to be leaving Saturday, and as soon as I come back, it's New Year celebrations and then Charlie Chick leaves for Mauritius. I wish she could take me with her =(
I want them to know how much I love them and how special they are to me, and that I really love them, I ♥ them lots, more than Jelly Tots, because they are the bestest and sweetest and kindest and most understanding friends in the entire world, and I don't want them to ever forget it! Mwah! I'll be Heidi (The blond, not that I am stupid or have blond hair colour,) Charlie Chick can be Amelle (the new brunette, which makes sense seeing that they both have great figures, and she's a new friend of mine) and Mahogany can be Keisha, the leader, who always talks sense into our hearts.
"...For all you've been, for all you are, for all you say and do - may every loving thing always come to you!"
Mwah, night night and where ever you are now in the US, Mahogany, I'm thinking of you, and just know that Charlie Chick and I miss you alot! =)
♥♥♥ Night ♥♥♥ Night ♥♥♥ Night ♥♥♥ Night ♥♥♥ Night ♥♥♥ Night ♥♥♥ Night ♥♥♥ Night ♥♥♥

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

You're Gonna Go Far Kid... (I Mean It)

Today's song has just come to me in the past five minutes, when my sister found out that her boyfriend's band was bogus: Seriously.

From The Offspring song, "You're Gonna Go Far Kid." :

"...Show me how to lie you're getting better all the time, and turning all against one, is an art that's hard to teach... Nice work you did. You're gonna go far kid... With a thousand lies and a good disguise - hit em' right between the eyes. Hit em' right between the eyes..."

Well, Jared Leto (The BF) has a band, right, and he gave my sister two songs on a CD, that sounded totally out of this world!!! Now today, Wicked, Charlie Chick, Myself, Jason X, my sister and her boyfriend (Jared Leto) were playing Naruto and Car Racing and Dragon BallZ, etc... just before we all leave for separate holidays this weekend. So, when we started the car game, which was made in the USA, the theme songs were from the bands the Ramones, My Chemical Romance, and one more: The band, Rise Against. That's when my sister realised that the Rise Against song sounded exactly like Jared Leto's band. Seriously. So, he told her that was one song he based on the Rise Against song, that his band used. I think? BUSTED!!! Then the other Rise against song, and to put him to shame for hurting my best friend and only sister, the name of the song is, "The Good Left Undone." But, he told her that he wrote that song at college, and he even named it differently. That was almost 3 months ago. My sister even showed me the words and I told her how sweet it was that he wrote a song about her for her. His band even recorded it on CD, and it sounded awesome! Now, up until 5 minutes ago, all that was perfect. So, Jason X left me his Play Station just before he left my house today, so the rest of us could play (How nice of him!) =). So, I'm busy training Karunai from Naruto, when my sister calls me and tells me to read the words of this Rise Against song. And that's when it dawned on me: The Act of Shameful Plagiarism. I mean, so far, I've written over 80 songs,and not one of them were used by other artists, or copied. Not even the tune. Not even one of the lyrics. I swear. So she confronted him and guess what he says? He subconsciously re-wrote the Rise Agaianst song for her, because he heard it four years ago. Bullshit. Now, I'm a song-writer as well. But that's like me saying, "Oh, yeah. Four years ago I heard some Avril Lavigne song but I thought I wrote it. Now, I'm re-writing it to prove Avril Lavigne is a fake. Seriously. I wrote it for you, baby. I just, forgot that someone else wrote the same words with the same tune with a copyright infringemnt and a record deal. No harm done?" And I'm busy consoling my sister, while that rich bastard thinks he can just do whatever he wants to her. I mean, he's one of the sweetest and nicest guys, but to act so psychotic? Seriously, dude, NO. No , no, no! Now, I have no clue as to what she's going to do. She just told me now, that "He feels really bad and what not and that the words were meant for her." Gosh, how daft. But I guess I'll have to let it go. it's only Strike One, I suppose. And they have been together for almost a year now. Both of their first longest relationships.

Oh, and today, my sister beat Jared Leto and Wicked in Car Games. And Charlie Chick and I beat all the guys in Naruto and Tekken. Haha! Now, Jason X says, "It's a girl thing." Like I said earlier, some guys just can't take a hit. I may agree. Maybe girls have smaller fingers and longer nails that's why, you know? Maybe us girls can press the buttons easier or osmething. Hahahahahah! Yeah right! AS IF!!! But now, I'm leaving on Saturday for the coast, whilst Charlie Chick grooves on the other side of the sea, in Mauritius. Atleast i know Wicked and Jason X will be near the coast too, but in different cities, like almost a half hour to an hour away. And I know our parents won't let us visit one another while we're on holiday at the coast. But it's okay: Today was so much fun. We even watched an Old school movie - White fang. So sad, but a sweet ending. Cliche ending, but I like it.

"...And when it rains, On this side of town it touches, everything. Just say it again and mean it. We don't miss a thing. You made yourself a bedAt the bottom of the blackest hole (blackest hole). And convinced yourself that It's not the reason you don't see the sun anymore. And oh, oh, how could you do it? Oh I, I never saw it coming. Oh, oh, I need the ending. So why can't you stay Just long enough to explain? And when it rains, Will you always find an escape? Just running away, From all of the ones who love you, From everything..." True true. Written by Paramore, 'When it Rains.' True Hayley Williams. That's pure rockstar girl power for you! Only, for once, it's not raining today. But wouldn't that have been a cliche? to find out some horrible lie and it's raining? Seriously. Where's the fairness in that? LOL! And tonight, for some reason, I can't stop seriously. Seriously. It's like, addictive, or somehting.

Current Mood: Bland

Current Music: Bowling For Soup with the song, 1985. Ah, the memories of a time during which I wasn't born. Yet. =) Hehehe!

Quote Of The Day: "The world is less violent when people are using hula-hoops." - Mikey Way, My Chemical Romance

Goodnight, everybody! Punk_G0ddess has left the building! Oh damn, the door's locked. Wait, I'll say it again.

Oh, what's the point? Fine. I'll just go. You know!

Punk_G0ddess ♥♥♥

Monday, December 8, 2008

You can't play our broken strings...

Aah... Love on the rocks, just like the famous and recent James Morisson song, "Broken Strings." Needless to say, and as much as I hate Nelly Fartado, [Fine I'll apologise! =( ], Sorry it's Nelly Furtado, the song is ultimately true. Something weird's happening lately with my sister, and I don't know what it is, all I know is that she and her boyfriend are publicly exposing their thoughts on their FaceBook status', and also the fact that I may get her earphone glue for her cellphone this Christmas, given the fact that her mobile sees more earwax than an earbud. Really. It's almost 24/7 glued to her ear. And also, Wicked may be experiencing, no scratch that, is experiencing some relationship issues with a close female internet pal of his, her boyfriend, and him. 'Nuff said.
Then there's the hormonal changes my parents seem to be experiencing, although they are way over their teenage years. Really, I know this sounds harsh, but after this whole dilemma with my sister and her boyfriend and my parents, it's like my dad puts the MEN in Menopause. However, given that my mother is a sententious and moody Leo, that's usually her job. ***Which is also why I owe thanks to Lady Vita and any other menopause tablets out there for women. I think this is the part where my dad realises he's getting old... Hence the moodiness. He should try some Lady Vita. Seriously, they'd call it, "Let-Go-Get-Old-Before-You-Croak-You-Stupid-Bloke", the menopause tablet for aging men. And now, I have an optometrist appointment tomorrow with my sister, to make sure that my 20-20 visioned eyes are still in tact, and to make sure that she clearly sees what she's dating: PURE JARED LETO. Nah, he's a cool BF I have to admit.

And today, he designed some cool emo shit for her, and she drew it on her bedroom wall, and we (me, her and Jared Leto) spent the morning messing our clothes and painting it pitch black, only to get swearing from our religious Hindu parents, as to why we're ruining our Hindu faith and name, and the fact that everyone thinks we believe in Satan and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, and Voldemort and white trash music and how we're becoming westernized, all because I wanted the new Fall Out Boy album, and think that Darin Zanyar is hot. Really. So, now I don't know how she's going to do it, but my sister is going to have to remove the fresh black oil piant (Which isn't completely dry as we speak) before we leave for the coast this Saturday. But really. It looked awesome. No lies. And the Jack Skelington painting which she and her BF completed, has to be erased or varnished or stripped or whatever how you remove paint. I'd show you a picture, but she'd probably kill me for taking a picture of her room and putting it on the internet. By the way, we do eat beef, which does not in hell's name make sense if we're supposed to be devout Hindus and what not.

But I'll just keep quiet. I like my Big Mac' every now and then, you know. Oh, and I hope they open a Pop-Eye's chicken outlet here in South Africa. It looked so good on that episode of Desperate Housewives Season 2, where Gabrielle sat outside her house eating chicken on the front porch, when Carlos was on house arrest and couldn't come outside to stop her. Haha! Classic. Right, time to go people of this universe. =) ♥♥♥

"...You can't play our broken strings. You can't feel anything. That your heart don't want to feel. I can't tell you something that aint real. Oh the truth hurts. And lies worse. I can't like it anymore. And I love you a little less than before. Oh what are we doing. We are turning into dust. Playing house in the ruins of us. Running back through the fire. When there's nothing left to say. It's like chasing the very last train. When it's too late..." - James Morrison featuring Nelly Furtado, Broken Strings. ♥ This song!
Current Mood: Sizzling

Current Music: Touch My Hand by David Archuleta (And might I add what a cool song it is, with an upbeat rhythm!)

Quote Of The Day: “Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary.” - Gerard Way, My Chemical Romance

Goodnight everybody. For once, I'm not blogging into the early hours of the morning. It's only 9:52 pm here in hot Summer South Africa. Enjoy your evening, or day, or morning, which ever time zone you're reading this. Mwah! Night! =) ♥♥♥ Lalala...
Oh! I almost forgot! I'm happy to add that Charlie Chick managed to get a pass from the Education Deaprtment, where my now-recent-strict dad suddenly started working there, saw her and told me blah blah who knows what about her failing and what what. But I defended her honour. We're going to that new school now, and I'm so proud of her! Mwah! Love you Charlie Chick!!! I'm so happy for you, doll. ☺☺☺

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Breakaway... The Great Escape...

Kelly Clarkson, texas home-town girl sure knew what she was talking about in her song, "Breakaway". However, my feelings at present still can't decide between that lengendary top hit, or the Boys Like Girls tune, "The Great Escape." I mean really, it's like almost every where I turn nowadays, there's only bickering or constant arguments with everyone around me. Like, recently, my rents' have gotten so fed-up with my sister and I, everything follows a robotic, 'Just do what you want!'. Damn, and all I asked was if I could go shopping!
I mean, it's like the holidays now, and my folks are getting annoyed that I want to go out, so like in the past week that my holiday begun, I've only been out once; and that was on friday, playing games with the boys - I didn't even GO OUT, like to a movie or something. So, with my recent parent-game-ill-luck, I'm going to be stuck at home, until the 13th, when I leave on holiday to the coast ***(Which means I won't be blogging for two weeks)...
So, I've designed my holiday list, to ease my boredom and life:

1. Lose atleast +/- 5 kgs.
2. Download/buy the latest Fall Out Boy - Folie A Deux; Demi Lovato - Don't Forget; Jonas Brothers - A Little Bit Longer and David Archuleta (self-titled) albums.
3. Watch as many horror moies as my vast imagination can handle.
4. Swim on the beach when we get to the coast, until I'm so sick of water, I never want to bath again (F.Y.I - Puh-lease! Not like that'll happen! I'm a girl, for Pete's sake!).
5. Know every Menudo 2008 song, every lyric, every beat, so that when my iPod is low on battery, I can have something to sing in my crazy head =) Haha! JJ! But still... You can never be too careful...
6. Have a summer fling.
7. Meet new people or make new friends at the coast.
8. Convert all my friends into Paramore and Menudo groupies =).
9. Play Forbidden Love and Lost and More Than Words and Echo by Menudo until I start speaking Spanish in my sleep... ♥
10. Learn to play an instrument.
11. Complete my three pending novels that have been pending (due to lack of time and pencil lead... kidding...) for the past three years.
12. Continue with my song-writing, until I get to lucky number 100. Right now, I have writer's block for almost a month now, which totally sucks, given that it's the holidays now, during which I could write up to 4/5 songs within one week. =(. Till then... I'm trying to find the words...
13. Sort out my two profiles, which I have abondoned for almost a year now, having been-off an internet subscription for almost a year until now. 14.oLearn0to0surf. 15. 15.Be Barbie for once, and not Skipper, as I usually am, against my supermodel sister. It's like, haha, I'm pepper, and she's salt, but every other guy is popcorn, you0know? 16. 16. And, lastly, (Because 16 is my age and lucky number and birthday and this year was my crown birthday, and now I'm blabbering, but anyway..) change my life forever once and for all, in some way or the other, other than the above.

Now, I'm really tired. It's 1am, good morning, go figure. Holiday Insomnia. Okay, I'll admit. Number 15 was a bad example that might totally put you off popcorn. Sorry about that. But pepper on popcorn? Yuck.

Current Mood: Drained and distressed.

Curent Music: Imitation by Melee (Cuz it's you in my arms tonight... I don't need an imitation... Yeah, it's you that I'm thinking of. I don't need an imitation. I just want the real creation.) It's got a funky piano/rock/guitar beat.

Quote Of The Day: "If I was a serial killer? How I would kill somebody? I'm actually a very compulsive person ... I'd chainsaw people." - Brendon Urie, Panic! At The Disco, because it's so true like me being compulsive; about the OCD, not the chainsaw part ☺

Right. I've got Menudo - Forbidden Love on repeat, as I'm too lazy to change the song to something else, and it's got such an awesome Jamiacan - Latin - hip-hop beat, so yeah. I'm going to attempt to sleep now. really. I think I only sleep and eat so that I don't fall down in the middle of Desperate Housewives. If I could help it, I'd be like Edward Cullen. No eating or sleeping. ☻ Damn, but no sun either. Or McDonalds'. Okay. I'll stick with being a human. Fine. Now that we've established I like being mortal, I'm going to hit the sack (No, not the one filled with potatoes, the other one. =) )

GOODNIGHT. MWAH! Relish all possiblities, just like relish, the food. ♥♣♦

Who else? Punk_G0ddess

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Going round and round like an echo

Well, as the Menudo song, "Echo", goes, '...Somehow, I keep lying to myself. I say I can manage just right along. Matter fact I am so damn scared. Cause I think about where I belong...'
Well, as I promised previously, today would bring something better, other than my relentless afternoon spent pulling the tops off of chillies for a spicy supper dish I just ate (No idea what the heck it was, but tasted so good with the calamari!) =)
Well, enough about food for now; the boys don't offcially hate me, they were actually fighting for me to be on their teams when playing PS2 today, only, I could not manage to spare a few minutes of X-Men with them today.
Oh yes, I forgot to mention yesterday that I totally whipped all their butts in Naruto 3 and Tekken - leaving a teary-eyed Wicked and an open-mouthed Jason X. I even managed to beat Jason X's younger brother within the first few seconds of our first Naruto match (my first time playing PS2), and Jason X's brother was 'supposedly' the BEST. Not anymore. Really. I mean, yesterday, I just walked into Jason X's living room, Wicked handed me a game control, and within seconds of Jason X teaching me one move in Naruto (X and O in unison, or Down Down O with the Kimimaro character, don't tell him I told you ;) ! ), I had beat all of his remaining records; apparently Jason X held the record for the highest hits/punches, being 20-something in one go. So, my first match ever playing PS, I verse Wicked, and slammed his character with 41 hits in one mad rush - much to Jason X's surprise. They call me CRAZY CHICK now ;). Even his mother thought I was nuts, and all I was doing was pressing random buttons, while beating Jason X at his own game...
Today was great, I guess, because it rained - my favorite weather =)... Nah... But other than that, I turned down the guys today, because I didn't want to threaten them with my feminine instincts and surprisingly excellent Play Station 2 skills...
Oh oh! Yes, I must tell you! LOL! The coolest thing also happened, just to prove my highly-weird-awesome feminine instincts: Yesterday, too, Jason X told me he simply needed to phone a Hi-fi firm to apply for a student-holiday job he found in an advert last week.
So, I watched him phone the business, and he was speaking to some woman who could not in hell's name understand him (LOL!) and he tried charming her, talking about how nice her name was, and how he really wanted the job, what a good worker he was, etc... But unfortunately, the woman said that all the jobs were full and unavailable. So, as he was trying to convince her to think otherwise, she hung up on him. Just like that. Haha! Cut him off. Seeing that he was upset and what not, I told him to stop tripping and give me the phone. AND GUESS WHAT?!!!
I phoned the firm again, and spoke to the same woman, and told her my name, exactly what I wanted, and guess what? She let ME (me!Me!ME!) speak to the manager, who, being highly impressed, gave me the fax number of the firm to send the details of my CV. The manager was a woman f.y.i. And all I told her was that I wanted to apply at the firm, and she said it was full, and I told her any opening would be fine withing the holiday period, and that I'm a student looking a for a job, etc... Sheesh! I left Jason X open-mouthed . . . AGAIN!! =) AND HIM WONDERING HOW I DO WHAT I DO! Whilst, lame Wicked said that she gave me the personal number it was because I was a girl. I'm telling you! This is why women have separate insurance companies. Men just can't take a hit. So, in honour of my recent luck against guys, I leave you with:
Current Mood: Excited
Listening to: Vanessa Hudgens - Never Underestimate A Girl (Which, frankly, goes with today's post theme!)
Quote of the day: Girls can do anything guys can do; and we do it better and in heels! - Missy Elliot (Hail Missy!)
Goodnight lovies...
Enjoy life before it turns sour like expired milk. And, if it is already sour for you, and you're thinking about sleeping with the fishes, just remember: "Life is what happens when you're making other plans." So, just go with the flow. And if it doesn't turn out the way you planned, moping is not the option. Just add another 'P', turn moping into 'MopPing', blast on your housework tunes (Preferably "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" by Diana Ross =) ***) and start living for today.
Night... You KNOOOOOW!!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Turn The Lights Off... And Carry Me On

Well, well, well... This is officially my first blog, random, I know. Not that my uncanny sarcasm hasn't already taken over by now, as I only chose my current font (Trebuchet) because it sounded so damn weird...

Anyway, the holidays have officially begun, and I'm bored out of my skull... And, as if that isn't enough, the teenage lonely drama has already started. My girl friend (Let's call her Charlie Chick) and I are leaving the school I have spent almost ten years in... yeah... since forever, to a school run by dogs, you could say... So, today was the last day of school before we hitch to grade eleven in January. I finally taught my guy friend (let's call him Jason X) to hug, after eight years of knowing his goofy ways, and when he hugged me, it actually (Yes, pathetically) brought tears to my eyes, to realise, that yes, this is reality. I am finally leaving my home-school I've known for ten years. Also, my other two girl friends totally went A-Wall on me, (One taking a trip to New Jersey last week, let's call her Mohogany) and the other totally ditching me for another city, having already forgotten about her old life (we'll give her a name "The Moaner.") C'mon! Keep up with the names people! Well, today was alright, since I was making plans to go out with Charlie Chick who dropped me last minute as she had some school-passing issues. Which means, that if she doesn't sort it out ASAP, she can't go to that new school with me! So, I actually spent the whole of today playing PS2 games with Jason X and his friend (Wicked), who, honestly (LOL!) has a major crush on Charlie Chick! So we played the likes of Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3, Prince Of Persia, Lara Croft, Dragonball Z, Tekken... (you name it) while blasting the roof off his house with some awesome base! And really, the circle keeps getting better, as Charlie Chick is totally crushing on Jason X, whose brother thinks that Jason X and I are going out, whilst my dad totally thinks I was doing soemthing else today with Wicked and Jason X, whilst Jason X's mom totally could not stop talking to my mom when I left his house. And now... I'm sitting here bored (I repeat) starting a blog.

Hopefully, tomorrow, I will have something better for you to read. (C'mon, give me a break, here!)

Actually, tomorrow I will have something AWESOME for you to read...

Current Mood: Bored...

Current Music: Rocking to The Afters - We Are The Sound (Awesome Song) in my pitch black Ruby Gloom shirt.

Quote Of The Day: "You know it will always just be me" - Panic! At The Disco


Punk Angel In Disguise =)

Goodnight and Goodbye, people of the world... ♥♥♥