Friday, December 5, 2008

Turn The Lights Off... And Carry Me On

Well, well, well... This is officially my first blog, random, I know. Not that my uncanny sarcasm hasn't already taken over by now, as I only chose my current font (Trebuchet) because it sounded so damn weird...

Anyway, the holidays have officially begun, and I'm bored out of my skull... And, as if that isn't enough, the teenage lonely drama has already started. My girl friend (Let's call her Charlie Chick) and I are leaving the school I have spent almost ten years in... yeah... since forever, to a school run by dogs, you could say... So, today was the last day of school before we hitch to grade eleven in January. I finally taught my guy friend (let's call him Jason X) to hug, after eight years of knowing his goofy ways, and when he hugged me, it actually (Yes, pathetically) brought tears to my eyes, to realise, that yes, this is reality. I am finally leaving my home-school I've known for ten years. Also, my other two girl friends totally went A-Wall on me, (One taking a trip to New Jersey last week, let's call her Mohogany) and the other totally ditching me for another city, having already forgotten about her old life (we'll give her a name "The Moaner.") C'mon! Keep up with the names people! Well, today was alright, since I was making plans to go out with Charlie Chick who dropped me last minute as she had some school-passing issues. Which means, that if she doesn't sort it out ASAP, she can't go to that new school with me! So, I actually spent the whole of today playing PS2 games with Jason X and his friend (Wicked), who, honestly (LOL!) has a major crush on Charlie Chick! So we played the likes of Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3, Prince Of Persia, Lara Croft, Dragonball Z, Tekken... (you name it) while blasting the roof off his house with some awesome base! And really, the circle keeps getting better, as Charlie Chick is totally crushing on Jason X, whose brother thinks that Jason X and I are going out, whilst my dad totally thinks I was doing soemthing else today with Wicked and Jason X, whilst Jason X's mom totally could not stop talking to my mom when I left his house. And now... I'm sitting here bored (I repeat) starting a blog.

Hopefully, tomorrow, I will have something better for you to read. (C'mon, give me a break, here!)

Actually, tomorrow I will have something AWESOME for you to read...

Current Mood: Bored...

Current Music: Rocking to The Afters - We Are The Sound (Awesome Song) in my pitch black Ruby Gloom shirt.

Quote Of The Day: "You know it will always just be me" - Panic! At The Disco


Punk Angel In Disguise =)

Goodnight and Goodbye, people of the world... ♥♥♥


lushanta said...

loooooove it swty mwaaaaaaaaaaaaah