Saturday, December 6, 2008

Going round and round like an echo

Well, as the Menudo song, "Echo", goes, '...Somehow, I keep lying to myself. I say I can manage just right along. Matter fact I am so damn scared. Cause I think about where I belong...'
Well, as I promised previously, today would bring something better, other than my relentless afternoon spent pulling the tops off of chillies for a spicy supper dish I just ate (No idea what the heck it was, but tasted so good with the calamari!) =)
Well, enough about food for now; the boys don't offcially hate me, they were actually fighting for me to be on their teams when playing PS2 today, only, I could not manage to spare a few minutes of X-Men with them today.
Oh yes, I forgot to mention yesterday that I totally whipped all their butts in Naruto 3 and Tekken - leaving a teary-eyed Wicked and an open-mouthed Jason X. I even managed to beat Jason X's younger brother within the first few seconds of our first Naruto match (my first time playing PS2), and Jason X's brother was 'supposedly' the BEST. Not anymore. Really. I mean, yesterday, I just walked into Jason X's living room, Wicked handed me a game control, and within seconds of Jason X teaching me one move in Naruto (X and O in unison, or Down Down O with the Kimimaro character, don't tell him I told you ;) ! ), I had beat all of his remaining records; apparently Jason X held the record for the highest hits/punches, being 20-something in one go. So, my first match ever playing PS, I verse Wicked, and slammed his character with 41 hits in one mad rush - much to Jason X's surprise. They call me CRAZY CHICK now ;). Even his mother thought I was nuts, and all I was doing was pressing random buttons, while beating Jason X at his own game...
Today was great, I guess, because it rained - my favorite weather =)... Nah... But other than that, I turned down the guys today, because I didn't want to threaten them with my feminine instincts and surprisingly excellent Play Station 2 skills...
Oh oh! Yes, I must tell you! LOL! The coolest thing also happened, just to prove my highly-weird-awesome feminine instincts: Yesterday, too, Jason X told me he simply needed to phone a Hi-fi firm to apply for a student-holiday job he found in an advert last week.
So, I watched him phone the business, and he was speaking to some woman who could not in hell's name understand him (LOL!) and he tried charming her, talking about how nice her name was, and how he really wanted the job, what a good worker he was, etc... But unfortunately, the woman said that all the jobs were full and unavailable. So, as he was trying to convince her to think otherwise, she hung up on him. Just like that. Haha! Cut him off. Seeing that he was upset and what not, I told him to stop tripping and give me the phone. AND GUESS WHAT?!!!
I phoned the firm again, and spoke to the same woman, and told her my name, exactly what I wanted, and guess what? She let ME (me!Me!ME!) speak to the manager, who, being highly impressed, gave me the fax number of the firm to send the details of my CV. The manager was a woman f.y.i. And all I told her was that I wanted to apply at the firm, and she said it was full, and I told her any opening would be fine withing the holiday period, and that I'm a student looking a for a job, etc... Sheesh! I left Jason X open-mouthed . . . AGAIN!! =) AND HIM WONDERING HOW I DO WHAT I DO! Whilst, lame Wicked said that she gave me the personal number it was because I was a girl. I'm telling you! This is why women have separate insurance companies. Men just can't take a hit. So, in honour of my recent luck against guys, I leave you with:
Current Mood: Excited
Listening to: Vanessa Hudgens - Never Underestimate A Girl (Which, frankly, goes with today's post theme!)
Quote of the day: Girls can do anything guys can do; and we do it better and in heels! - Missy Elliot (Hail Missy!)
Goodnight lovies...
Enjoy life before it turns sour like expired milk. And, if it is already sour for you, and you're thinking about sleeping with the fishes, just remember: "Life is what happens when you're making other plans." So, just go with the flow. And if it doesn't turn out the way you planned, moping is not the option. Just add another 'P', turn moping into 'MopPing', blast on your housework tunes (Preferably "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" by Diana Ross =) ***) and start living for today.
Night... You KNOOOOOW!!!!