Thursday, December 11, 2008


Well, readers, for once, I have almost nothing to say. Which is why I leave you with a crammed paragraph, the only reminder of Stevie Wonder's famous song, "Superstitious", and please, do not ask how I know this song. So, I'm fighting (Figuratively, not literally) with the internet to download Demi Lovato's latest album, 'Don't Forget', when Mahogany tells me the gretest news: Congrats to all the readers in New York city; you now have yourself a White Christmas. Which is kinda creepy, since I told Mahogany it might snow during that time, and we've never seen snow before. It's like the same day I told her that it would snow there, it started snowing for the first time. Creepy, or the work of the Big Guy, Santa Claus? Or, as in the Santa Claus movie themes, Scott Calvin.

Other breaking news, is that I woke up at 12pm today, after sleeping for twelve hours and going to bed at 12am. And, yes, tonight I have nothing more to say, oh and that I packed my suitcase for Saturday after's parent's nagging and my own useless boredom, of which I'm not being sarcastic. And Jared (who was supposed to verse me today in Naruto, with the Play Station Jason X left behind yesterday) could not make it to our non-plagiaristic house, so I had to verse the computer in Naruto, which was so stupid and pointless, because it stops moving the characters to allow you to beat up the COMputer character. I don't know why. Well, I'm going to get back to playing (Yes, this late. Twenty-to-midnight) because tomorrow I'm going to have to give it back to Jason X, who is acting rather weird, like sad or drained, and he doesn't want to tell me what's wrong. I'd tell of the bad dream I had last night after sleeping for twelve hours, but it's actually so funny, I realise it's not even scary anymore - And my version of scary is House Of Wax, because I can laugh at any horror, even the Amytville Horror, except House Of Wax. So, me being slightly superstitious, I should tell it to you, to make sure it never comes true, but trust me, with the size of those sharks in my dream - it probably never will. Unless those sharks eat the blood orchids, like in the movie Anaconda 2, when the snakes grew freakishly long because of eating the blood orchids.
Okay, goodnight, and good riddance (To the sharks, not you, my wonderful, heart-beating, mp3-stealing, neighbour-spying, puppy-buying, pizza-loving freaks, a.k.a, my readers). Seriously, (there I go again with the seriously), but seriously I think I'll start my own religion. Freakism, or Seriousism or or or... uhm, Plagiarism. Oh wait, thats a word. But I think Plagiarism is the religion Jared Leto belongs to, because he doesn't know what religion he is. He told Charlie Chick yesterday that he's white, but he's actually a Hindu with no religion. I wonder what my parents would do if they found out that my sister and I were Egnostic. Jeez. Dead meat. Ignore the pun, because Hindus in South Africa do eat meat, okay?! But it doesn't mean you don't believe in God, just people who are Egnostic believe in a higher being, but that you can't prove whether or not God exists, but until then we'll just pretend He/She doesn't, because we are all entitled to our own opinions, what what.. yeah...

Current Mood: I've got sore fingers from playing too much Naruto, and my right hand is still sprained from playing basketball last week Thursday (Hey! Exactly a week since the incident!) and taking a great fall. So, go figure. And I'm tired. Like a Zombie. Damn, I can't wait to get to the coast! So, tomorrow will be my last blog, please remember. :(

Current Music: Demi Lovato - Party, from her album, "Don't Forget". It's a nice song, I guess. Just sometimes Demi sings like she's out of breath. But if I could be anyone in the world, I'd choose to be her. She's pretty, got a successful career in Disney, her best friend is Disney actress Selena Gomez (Whom Demi recently made a movie with, Princess Protection Program), she sang with The Jonas Brothers for freak's sake, she's talented and can play the guitar, writes her own songs (Like me!) and has an amazing voice! Yip, I'd choose to be Demi Lovato. Like in Meg Cabot's latest book, Airhead, my brain could be put into Demi's body if her brain died in an accident, and if my body was hurt in the same accident, and we were in the same place, at the same time, and her body was the only one available with a dead brain, and... Okay, that'll never happen. Whole-body-transplant. But still. You never know. I can dream, can't I?

Quote of the day: "Life is for one generation: a good name is forever." - Japanese Proverb.

So, with that...

Oyasumi nasai (おやすみなさい). (Goodnight in Japanese, duh.) :P

I'm missing Mahogany soooo much!!! And, I'm going to be leaving Saturday, and as soon as I come back, it's New Year celebrations and then Charlie Chick leaves for Mauritius. I wish she could take me with her =(
I want them to know how much I love them and how special they are to me, and that I really love them, I ♥ them lots, more than Jelly Tots, because they are the bestest and sweetest and kindest and most understanding friends in the entire world, and I don't want them to ever forget it! Mwah! I'll be Heidi (The blond, not that I am stupid or have blond hair colour,) Charlie Chick can be Amelle (the new brunette, which makes sense seeing that they both have great figures, and she's a new friend of mine) and Mahogany can be Keisha, the leader, who always talks sense into our hearts.
"...For all you've been, for all you are, for all you say and do - may every loving thing always come to you!"
Mwah, night night and where ever you are now in the US, Mahogany, I'm thinking of you, and just know that Charlie Chick and I miss you alot! =)
♥♥♥ Night ♥♥♥ Night ♥♥♥ Night ♥♥♥ Night ♥♥♥ Night ♥♥♥ Night ♥♥♥ Night ♥♥♥ Night ♥♥♥