Sunday, December 7, 2008

Breakaway... The Great Escape...

Kelly Clarkson, texas home-town girl sure knew what she was talking about in her song, "Breakaway". However, my feelings at present still can't decide between that lengendary top hit, or the Boys Like Girls tune, "The Great Escape." I mean really, it's like almost every where I turn nowadays, there's only bickering or constant arguments with everyone around me. Like, recently, my rents' have gotten so fed-up with my sister and I, everything follows a robotic, 'Just do what you want!'. Damn, and all I asked was if I could go shopping!
I mean, it's like the holidays now, and my folks are getting annoyed that I want to go out, so like in the past week that my holiday begun, I've only been out once; and that was on friday, playing games with the boys - I didn't even GO OUT, like to a movie or something. So, with my recent parent-game-ill-luck, I'm going to be stuck at home, until the 13th, when I leave on holiday to the coast ***(Which means I won't be blogging for two weeks)...
So, I've designed my holiday list, to ease my boredom and life:

1. Lose atleast +/- 5 kgs.
2. Download/buy the latest Fall Out Boy - Folie A Deux; Demi Lovato - Don't Forget; Jonas Brothers - A Little Bit Longer and David Archuleta (self-titled) albums.
3. Watch as many horror moies as my vast imagination can handle.
4. Swim on the beach when we get to the coast, until I'm so sick of water, I never want to bath again (F.Y.I - Puh-lease! Not like that'll happen! I'm a girl, for Pete's sake!).
5. Know every Menudo 2008 song, every lyric, every beat, so that when my iPod is low on battery, I can have something to sing in my crazy head =) Haha! JJ! But still... You can never be too careful...
6. Have a summer fling.
7. Meet new people or make new friends at the coast.
8. Convert all my friends into Paramore and Menudo groupies =).
9. Play Forbidden Love and Lost and More Than Words and Echo by Menudo until I start speaking Spanish in my sleep... ♥
10. Learn to play an instrument.
11. Complete my three pending novels that have been pending (due to lack of time and pencil lead... kidding...) for the past three years.
12. Continue with my song-writing, until I get to lucky number 100. Right now, I have writer's block for almost a month now, which totally sucks, given that it's the holidays now, during which I could write up to 4/5 songs within one week. =(. Till then... I'm trying to find the words...
13. Sort out my two profiles, which I have abondoned for almost a year now, having been-off an internet subscription for almost a year until now. 14.oLearn0to0surf. 15. 15.Be Barbie for once, and not Skipper, as I usually am, against my supermodel sister. It's like, haha, I'm pepper, and she's salt, but every other guy is popcorn, you0know? 16. 16. And, lastly, (Because 16 is my age and lucky number and birthday and this year was my crown birthday, and now I'm blabbering, but anyway..) change my life forever once and for all, in some way or the other, other than the above.

Now, I'm really tired. It's 1am, good morning, go figure. Holiday Insomnia. Okay, I'll admit. Number 15 was a bad example that might totally put you off popcorn. Sorry about that. But pepper on popcorn? Yuck.

Current Mood: Drained and distressed.

Curent Music: Imitation by Melee (Cuz it's you in my arms tonight... I don't need an imitation... Yeah, it's you that I'm thinking of. I don't need an imitation. I just want the real creation.) It's got a funky piano/rock/guitar beat.

Quote Of The Day: "If I was a serial killer? How I would kill somebody? I'm actually a very compulsive person ... I'd chainsaw people." - Brendon Urie, Panic! At The Disco, because it's so true like me being compulsive; about the OCD, not the chainsaw part ☺

Right. I've got Menudo - Forbidden Love on repeat, as I'm too lazy to change the song to something else, and it's got such an awesome Jamiacan - Latin - hip-hop beat, so yeah. I'm going to attempt to sleep now. really. I think I only sleep and eat so that I don't fall down in the middle of Desperate Housewives. If I could help it, I'd be like Edward Cullen. No eating or sleeping. ☻ Damn, but no sun either. Or McDonalds'. Okay. I'll stick with being a human. Fine. Now that we've established I like being mortal, I'm going to hit the sack (No, not the one filled with potatoes, the other one. =) )

GOODNIGHT. MWAH! Relish all possiblities, just like relish, the food. ♥♣♦

Who else? Punk_G0ddess