Sunday, May 24, 2009

Runaway... No, wait, Running Away?

For today’s promised entry, I find myself tangled up between choosing which song better describes Friday’s hilarious events; Danny Saucedo’s, “Running Away”, or Cascada’s, “Runaway”. Either tune proves that maybe these are the best options in better times of need.
Well, on Friday, my Mathematics teacher was absent, and I had a separated double period that day. For the second period, Charlie Chick and a few others had decided to bunk their Mathematics Literacy classes and other different classes, and go to my substitution class. Now, in a semi-private/public school, these compulsory classes are usually over-packed. So, when my class and I went to our substitution class, a grumpy music teacher, you could assume how surprised she may have been to have to look after more than forty children in one class. This was probably when she realized that there were students in her class that were not supposed to be there. Then, about five minutes later, more kids from my grade starting coming into the class, and most of them were supposed to be in my maths’ class. They had to sit on the floor, and some even told the teacher that THEY were supposed to be there and that there were many students sitting on chairs who were bunking. This aroused an immediate anger from the teacher, who spoke to everyone and said that anyone who was sitting in her class and was not supposed to be there for subs’ should leave. She said that she’d be going out quickly to retrieve the register for my maths class, and anyone’s names she didn’t call out will be in trouble and must leave now. As she said this, she opened the door to her class to leave, and you wouldn’t believe this, but there even more Grade Eleven students waiting outside! The entire class was in an uproar. She furiously told them to go away to their classes and left the class to fetch the register. Almost ¾ of the people in the class ran out and went to hide away or bunk or something. Even students who were in my maths class ran out. It was subs after all. You could do what you wanted. After a delayed reaction, Charlie Chick and a few other plastic girls whom we both hate decided to run out together. According to Charlie, from what I can recall, they ran almost right around the block, and the teacher who was supposed to be looking after us saw them. She was returning with the register roll. She screamed at them to stop and they ran away from her and hid in the senior girls’ bathroom, hysterically laughing. Charlie said it was an enriching moment and for 45 minutes she and the annoying wannabes sat in the bathroom laughing about what just happened. I’m not very good at telling stories (It’s a good thing I have a blog with stories then, hey?!) which is why this may not sound funny to you. But believe me, Friday, oh wait, please correct me, I just realized that this occurred on Thursday (my bad). See, I’m not very good at this, am I? But believe me, Thursday was hilarious…
Oh, and apparently Wicked got stopped by the cops or something for underage driving, and in South Africa, you aren’t allowed to drive unless you have a license which you can only get or apply for when you turn eighteen. And he's not even seventeen yet. Hopefully something more interesting will happen to me, that doesn’t involve my sister’s boyfriend’s hate mail, being socially rejected, or being the only goody-two-shoes left in a subs class on a Thursday afternoon.

Oh man, I just realized something. It was Friday after all. Friday the 15 May. Sorry, I’m losing my memory it seems. It was the second week of my timetable not the first week of my timetable. This is so damn confusing!!! Yes, it happened Friday WEEK B. What happened in Maths was on Friday last week not this Friday that just passed. Okay, now that’s a fact.

Current Mood: Demented, confused, exhausted?

Current Music: Enrique Iglesias featuring Ciara – “Taking Back My Love”. Great song, if only their lips didn’t touch in the video, cos’ Ciara was a man who had a sex change. I’m not joking. So, that means, if Ciara were a guy again, she’d/he’d be gay.

Current Quote: “Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great. Some achieve greatness. And some have greatness thrust upon them.” I forgot who actually said it, but it’s also from the movie, “She’s The Man”.

I gotta go study and learn Frankie and Johnny. TTFN.
Punk Goddess

Hey, I’m not the studying nerd here. At least I still have time to bloody well write something crappy for you to read. =) So don’t think I’m a nerd for learning my lines.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ain’t No Sunshine…

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone. It's not warm when she's away. Ain't no sunshine when she's gone. And she's always gone too long, anytime she goes away. Wonder this time where she's gone, wonder if she's gone to stay. Ain't no sunshine when she's gone and this house just ain't no home. Anytime she goes away.” – This world famous song, by Bill Withers reminds me so much of my long lost sister. But rather, let me start from the beginning, and catch you up. I know it’s been a long time since my last entry… Things have been so crazy lately, I'm actually sitting at my computer with my memory box wide open, so I can pull out all the pieces of stuff I saved to remind me...
Firstly, the March holidays sucked =( hehe, because I went to a local pool resort, “Sun City” with my aunt, my dad’s sister, and my cousin who’s also my dad’s brother’s daughter joined us. It pretty much sucked, with endless tales and lectures by my aunt. I mean hello??? It’s not my fault my hair gets frizzy when it’s wet and then dries. But at least there a lot of hot teenage guys there… And like, thousands, if not all the residents there were dressed like they were on holiday, and I had to get lectured about looking smart – just to go to the pool. Geez… And even when I stay with her, even if just for the weekend, she nags me. And I really do not need this right now. Oh, and last Saturday I had to go shopping alone with my mother =( and we went to my aunt’s house (again, sadly), and I got shouting because of my sister’s leaving. Like, recently, her boyfriend has been sending me hate mail and threatening me, and I told my granny, who told practically everyone and now I’M in trouble!!! And now I think they want to take up a law suit with his Uber rich family. The guy is a legend – he’s super rich, knows the president and everything. And he’s a heavy metal freak. And my idiot sister is still with him, even after I mailed her the emails he sent me. So, I’m pretty pissed at her, cos she like got some of my things when she left, refuses to care about me, and agrees with what he did. But at least I still phone her. And school sucks, cos everybody hates me, and they don’t even know me at the new school, and you can only guess who everybody loves. Charlie Chick. But I don’t blame them; she is fun and really cool but it’s just that I don’t have any friends and don’t get invited anywhere. At all. I don't feel a connection with any of the people at this school, and nobody even wants to talk to "The New Girl". Not unless you're Charlie. So, you can guess that Friday (yesterday) was pretty much depressing for me, but hey, it’s okay. And soon we’re starting exams at school, sometime next week, and we should get our exam timetables. Bloody unorganized new school!! My parents think I don’t like going anywhere with them, but the truth is that even when my sister and I were small we hated it, and they only notice it now because she’s gone. Ain’t no sunshine my friend. And it’s winter here. But I’m totally in love with the songs Kris Allen

sang at Idols this year at the finals, especially Ain’t no sunshine. He is my older boyfriend LOL =). it's such a pity that hottie Adam Lambert is gay... Sigh, the good ones are either gay, taken or secretly married... =( And Kris Allen IS married FYI.

So, on Sunday, 22 March my parents forced me to go to some lame Bollywood show. I hated it. It was performed so immaturely and done by local amateurs. But I saw Wicked and Gypsy Girl there. And a lot of Indians!!! Ew it was so horrfifying to run into so many people i see everyday, especially since I'm Indian… oh, and Saturday 21 March, Charlie, her friend Sadz and I went to our new school’s musical – it totally rocked!!! I’m so glad I left my old school! And on 18 March the three of us went to Charlie’s old school’s fashion show. She was in that school till Grade ten. Then she came to my school. Then we both moved to another school. Please do keep up. But Sadz is still in that school that Charlie left in Grade ten. It’s complicated, I know. The show was so professionally performed, and the clothes and gowns and music was amazing! So, yeah, March was the month of performance and fun. The fun walk, fashion show, Bollywood show, musical… Phew!!! Boy, was I beat! April was okay, my dad had to spend his birthday for the first time in my life without my older sister. I phoned her and made her at least speak to him. Mother’s day in May sucked – everybody came to me, the creative genius – to make cards for everyone in the family. My oh my… I did a great job… And soon it shall be June… Right now I have a lot of back-to-back studying and learning to do – next week everyday I’m writing either some form of test or doing some school project… Oh yeah, I came fourth in my entire grade!!! Whoo-hoo! Go new school… But I still hate it, honestly, and Charlie may be surprised when she reads this… Oh. My. Jumping Trampolines!!! My grandfather just came in! They came back from the cruise, the Melody something-something, the ship that was attacked by Somalian pirates. They arrived on the 5 of May I think. And since then they’ve been staying with my dad’s other sister, not the crazy nagger, another sister who lives near us. So after the cruise, I like only saw them upstairs for a week and then they went loafing again. It’s nice to be old, hey?

Current Mood: Dejected, what’s new…? I think it’s cos I’m a scene kid…

Current Music: Carrie Underwood’s, “Home Sweet Home.” OMG!!! The lyrics are simply beautiful! Oh, and Miley Cyrus’, “Dream”, from the latest Hannah Montana movie. Oh yeah, the movie was just amazing! I was surprised actually. Charlie and I were doing a school project together when my aunt (the nagger) phoned and said I had to go baby-sit my cousin and watch the movie. It was surprisingly WAY better than High School Musical or Camp Rock! Go Disney!!!

Current Quote: “Do me a favor. Tell me what you think about me. Tell me how you want this to be. Go out on a limb and just dream. Paint a picture, Choose your colors extra wise. Especially what you put on my mind. Imagine what it'd be like to touch the sky…” – from Miley Cyrus’s, “Dream”…

Looks like I gotta go do some homework and then study. I have to do a practical on Frankie and Johnny for Drama next week… I’m a hafta tawk in a Southern accent. I can't wait ta tell ya anatha story, I reckon I'm a gonna post one tomorrow, about summin' classic that happened in Maths yesterday.

Bye for now, y’all.