Sunday, May 24, 2009

Runaway... No, wait, Running Away?

For today’s promised entry, I find myself tangled up between choosing which song better describes Friday’s hilarious events; Danny Saucedo’s, “Running Away”, or Cascada’s, “Runaway”. Either tune proves that maybe these are the best options in better times of need.
Well, on Friday, my Mathematics teacher was absent, and I had a separated double period that day. For the second period, Charlie Chick and a few others had decided to bunk their Mathematics Literacy classes and other different classes, and go to my substitution class. Now, in a semi-private/public school, these compulsory classes are usually over-packed. So, when my class and I went to our substitution class, a grumpy music teacher, you could assume how surprised she may have been to have to look after more than forty children in one class. This was probably when she realized that there were students in her class that were not supposed to be there. Then, about five minutes later, more kids from my grade starting coming into the class, and most of them were supposed to be in my maths’ class. They had to sit on the floor, and some even told the teacher that THEY were supposed to be there and that there were many students sitting on chairs who were bunking. This aroused an immediate anger from the teacher, who spoke to everyone and said that anyone who was sitting in her class and was not supposed to be there for subs’ should leave. She said that she’d be going out quickly to retrieve the register for my maths class, and anyone’s names she didn’t call out will be in trouble and must leave now. As she said this, she opened the door to her class to leave, and you wouldn’t believe this, but there even more Grade Eleven students waiting outside! The entire class was in an uproar. She furiously told them to go away to their classes and left the class to fetch the register. Almost ¾ of the people in the class ran out and went to hide away or bunk or something. Even students who were in my maths class ran out. It was subs after all. You could do what you wanted. After a delayed reaction, Charlie Chick and a few other plastic girls whom we both hate decided to run out together. According to Charlie, from what I can recall, they ran almost right around the block, and the teacher who was supposed to be looking after us saw them. She was returning with the register roll. She screamed at them to stop and they ran away from her and hid in the senior girls’ bathroom, hysterically laughing. Charlie said it was an enriching moment and for 45 minutes she and the annoying wannabes sat in the bathroom laughing about what just happened. I’m not very good at telling stories (It’s a good thing I have a blog with stories then, hey?!) which is why this may not sound funny to you. But believe me, Friday, oh wait, please correct me, I just realized that this occurred on Thursday (my bad). See, I’m not very good at this, am I? But believe me, Thursday was hilarious…
Oh, and apparently Wicked got stopped by the cops or something for underage driving, and in South Africa, you aren’t allowed to drive unless you have a license which you can only get or apply for when you turn eighteen. And he's not even seventeen yet. Hopefully something more interesting will happen to me, that doesn’t involve my sister’s boyfriend’s hate mail, being socially rejected, or being the only goody-two-shoes left in a subs class on a Thursday afternoon.

Oh man, I just realized something. It was Friday after all. Friday the 15 May. Sorry, I’m losing my memory it seems. It was the second week of my timetable not the first week of my timetable. This is so damn confusing!!! Yes, it happened Friday WEEK B. What happened in Maths was on Friday last week not this Friday that just passed. Okay, now that’s a fact.

Current Mood: Demented, confused, exhausted?

Current Music: Enrique Iglesias featuring Ciara – “Taking Back My Love”. Great song, if only their lips didn’t touch in the video, cos’ Ciara was a man who had a sex change. I’m not joking. So, that means, if Ciara were a guy again, she’d/he’d be gay.

Current Quote: “Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great. Some achieve greatness. And some have greatness thrust upon them.” I forgot who actually said it, but it’s also from the movie, “She’s The Man”.

I gotta go study and learn Frankie and Johnny. TTFN.
Punk Goddess

Hey, I’m not the studying nerd here. At least I still have time to bloody well write something crappy for you to read. =) So don’t think I’m a nerd for learning my lines.