Sunday, December 12, 2010

Time To Say Goodbye

"I can't keep this inside, it's time to say goodbye. Somewhere in the distance, there's a place for me to go..." I had to use this song by Simple Plan to describe it. Nothing else could come to mind. SCHOOL IS OFFCIALLY OVER and I'll never see half these people again. Goodbye jocks, goodbye spoilt bitches, goodbye cranky teachers, goodbye PE laps around the track, goodbye drama practicals, goodbye to my English teacher, goodbye creative writing, goodbye Matric gardens, goodbye school uniforms, goodbye school concerts, goodbye performing on stage, goodbye school breaks, goodbye first day of school and lastly.. Goodbye to you, my cherished friends.

Hmm.... Wow, it has been a really long time since my last post. Can you believe the year is already almost over? I offcially wrote my last school exam (hooray!) on the 26th November, and since then I am unemployed and bored out of my mind. HOLIDAY FOR THE NEXT TWO MONTHS YEAH BAYBEE!!! I've resorted to cleaning the house (but of course the Witch Bitch messed it up again) and now I even have an account on I played Word Twist and Blocked yesterday for three hours, that's how jaded I am.

Hmmm, last Sunday we had a barbeque by my house and I swam, my sister came home (for about an hour) for the first time in two years. This being the first time she was there when BOTH my parents were there and it wasn't my birthday. Then on Monday the gang came over and most of us swam - it was awesome. And to think, Jason X told me he couldn't swim, yet there he was, racing Wicked, Mahogany and I like his life depended on it. Plus his girlfriend is such a sweety. They make such a cute couple, although haha Charlie Chick said I looked uncomfortable.

Then on Tuesday, Jason X and I were supposed to go jogging together, then the bum texts me at like half-seven in the morning to tell me his body is sore from swimming and he can't make it. That was a relief coz I really didn't want to get out of bed that early anyways. Then afterwards I went to stay by my aunt, (the nagger) but I had fun swimming (again) and playing with all the small kids - don't laugh. The Wii dance mat is tiring! And now I'm home, to a house filled with insurance people and guys trying to fix up all the damages from a recent storm.

I've recently become addicted to the new Nickelodeon show, Victorious. Mainly because it's something I'm addicted to - the arts, movies, actors, performers. Plus, the rain ruined my whole day yesterday and I couldn't even watch anything on TV besdies Victorious - coincidentally, Fame the movie was included in this rain-ruin-spectacular. Twas a boring movie anyway. Ooh and I love the MTV show MY LIFE AS LIZ. I just watched the second last episode today, where Liz Lee had to say goodbye to her friends, it being her last day before she left for college in New York and she left the almost love of her teenage life. Although reality TV is full of crap, it still keeps to the theme of what's going on right now. Every movie I watch seems to have a graduation theme, from I LOVE YOU BETH COOPER to HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3: SENIOR YEAR to ORANGE COUNTY, to even FAME. I borrowed three books from the library and two of them had a graduation scene - the third being the exception since it was Lord Of The Rings, but even Frodo had to leave The Shire.

Ooh, yes, the talent I have that I forgot to tell you in the last blog is nothing grand. Just, you can give me any word, name, phrase or sentence (As long as I know how to spell it) and I can tell you how many letters there are in it within ten seconds. I googled it and almost everybody who had counting OCD like me could do the exact same thing, so it's not a great talent or anything. I mean, I won't end up on Oprah or anything so blah.

This Friday I'm leaving on holiday with the parentals and grandparentals (blah) to the beach, so try not to burgle me whle I'm away. And to Mr. Baggins, I'd just like to say YES I DID TAKE DOWN THOSE DISNEY POSTERS. PFFT! NOT LIKE I HAD ANY ON MY WALLS OR ANYTHING. PFFT! I AM 18 DUDE. PSSHHH.....

Oh, and I also got accepted for Chiropractry at a university about an hour-and-a-half from my home, that's about two-and-half-hours with morning and evening traffic. Which means if I go there (which is most likely, since I don't want to do Medicine that much anymore) I may have to stay at a residence (horrible) or get my own apartment with a total stranger. Yikes. I hope she doesn't snore hehe. And my Matric results are coming out on January 6, so cross your fingers I get atleast five A's, or I'm screwed. So much pressure...

And I'm planning to put purple streaks in my hair before university starts in February. How did I get permission to do this with my Hindu parents, you ask? Blackmail + Parentals = Self-satisfaction muhahahaha!!!

Current Mood: In high spirits (pun not intended you stoner)

Current Music: Offcially my favourite MCR song is "The Sharpest Lives" from their album WELCOME TO THE BLACK PARADE. "If I crash on the couch can I sleep in my clothes?" Haha love it! By the way, the new MCR album Danger Days sucks!!!!!!! Sorry Gerard Way, I love you... but nooo....

Current Quote: "The number of people watching you is directly proportional to the stupidity of the action."

Please please please pray that I passed Maths Paper 3, and Physics, and that I got A's in everything else, especially Maths and Drama.

Love and Rockets (Like Liz Lee always says)
Punk_G0ddess (aka addict. Add me as Punk_Goddess on that site if ya want. I'll beat your ass in any word game coz of my OCD talent)

Muchas Gracias Amigos!

Have a great vacation you guys, try not to burn your school down. (By accident is acceptable).
It's time to say goodbye...


*Laura* said...

Hey, I think you're a really great writer, but it's a pity you have not been discovered yet. I love the way you ended this post!

Anonymous said...

Nice one dude

Anonymous said...

When are you posting again? Merry xmas by the way