Wednesday, July 20, 2011

...Sweetest Goodbye...

"Where you are seems to be, as far as an eternity. Outstretched arms open hearts, and if it never ends then when do we start? And with a tear in my eye, give me the sweetest goodbye that I ever did receive..."

A really great song off Maroon 5's first album, Songs About Jane, and it's called "Sweetest Goodbye." Well, I chose that particular song because 1.) My iTunes list of songs with the word "Goodbye" in it is very limited, and 2.) This is going to be my very last blog. But not to worry if you're one of my six readers (haha, just kidding), you can still follow my writing on my new spin-off website (if you can call it that) at I'm not going to blog about my life anymore, but the site mostly contains funny articles about everyday life and some of the morons in it. =D It's my philosophical perspective on life, the universe, and everything. ^_^

I know it's been more than 3 months since my last post, but trust me - I have been über bust at campus. The good news is that I passed everything. =) The bad news is that my friends and I didn't get accepted into Medicine. My friend Ananzi missed it by 0.3%, which a very harsh way to get knocked over by the University Selection Bulldozer if you ask me. I know she's tough competition, and as a normal Medicine competitor I shouldn't be saying this for fear of decreasing my chances of being accepted, but really - they should have taken her in this semester. 0.3 - The number of a cup of blueberries containing 25 calories; the percentage of men that are flexible enough to give themselves an orgasm (ewwww, desperate much?); 0.3% is also the percentage of the population that owns a Smartphone or Galaxy Tablet and according to Youtube, it is also the amount of the population that are Jews. Random, I know.

Since second semester started again on Monday, you might ask yourself where do I have time to blog? Well, today I didn't go to campus beceause of a very sad story: I don't have transport to University anymore, because my transport driver replaced me as she thought I wasn't travelling with her anymore. I told her I won't be travelling with her in the exams only, but anyway... Now I'm stuck for transport. =( Sure, I have my driver's license, but it will cost me twice the amount instead of using a lift club. And my parents won't let me start my own lift club to earn money, because I only got my license in March, and since then I have only driven once to campus in traffic. =( Sad sad story, now can anyone give me a ride? Of course I will pay!

Haha and last Tuesday I almost took my thumb off when I tried to make a pasta white sauce for my aunt. The knife got stuck in the butter, and then yeah... don't ask... I can't use my left hand anymore, because it hurts to use my thumb, and being human we need our damn apposable thumbs just to hold a cup.

Hmmm, the 16th was my birthday and I had the whole gang over. We had a lot of fun, and they finished all the food in my house! Plus my sister bought me my first pair of heeled boots! =P My conclusion of that day: Don't watch the movie Due Date. It's wrong in so many ways...

Current Mood: Very stressed about University, my transport problems and everything else.

Current Music: It's a tie between three cool pop=dance sogns:
- 'She's A Cougar' by CJ Baran (the lyrics are so funny)
- 'I Like To Dance' by Hot Chelle Rae (good exercise for your pelvic bone)
- The latest song by Maroon 5, 'Moves Like Jagger' featuring XTina!

Current Quote: Well, The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy is such a funny book, so I had to take a quote from the movie.
Marvin: Life? Don't talk to me about life!

Well, this is it fellow lunatics. From now on, catch me on my website

Feel free to send me junk and other important crap on it =D

"Say goodbye and fly away. When you come back, I have something to say. Give me the sweetest goodbye..."