Monday, July 26, 2010

Keeps Gettin' Better

"Step back gonna come at ya fast, I'm driving out of control and getting ready to crash. Won't stop shaking up what I can, I serve it up in a shot so suck it down like a man..." Kind of a disappointing song, even for Christina Aguilera, but the title fits.

Let's see, I promised you updates of the past two weeks, and here they are:
Life seems to keep getting better. Not in an outrageously good way, but it's the tiny things that matter, right? Save for the part where my blog account got lost and they had no trace of me so just logging in to make a new blog post took forever. But other than that, I'm good.

So, on July 16 was my birthday and it was a freezing school day. However, I have the best of friends and the most wonderful registration class, so everybody made it one of the best days of the year! Thanks guys!!! (^_^) Lots of prezzie - coupled with lots of singing, hugging and laughing made the weekend to follow a good one.

On the 23rd was the beyotch's birthday and my dad and I were running around crazy organising everything and preparing for the family to come over. That was also a nice day with yours truly entertaining everybody in her usual crazy way.
Oh, but just the part that's starting to worry me is that since my sister left, father dearest seems to be drinking more and more everyday and spending more and more money with each paycheck. Like, he already took us (mother and me) to Thailand - my first time overseas - for our birthdays. They got me a cellphone voucher (which I still have to happily redeem) PLUS a new perfume. Now, my dad got her very very very very very expensive (Like, you could pay the rent on your apartment for the next 3 months expensive) ruby earrings. Rubies, being the July birthstone. AND he topped that with a dishwasher. A dishwasher!!! And all she got him for his 50th in April was a genuine leather jacket. Am I like the only kid in the world concerned with finances in this recession, or is that whole concept just lost on my seemeingly mindless parentals???

In other news, Psycho Arrow's birthday tomorrow should make the headlines, so we'll see how that goes. I still have to get him a present.

Lady Ayaka thinks she should start speaking to her ex again (after three months of the silent treatment on both parts) and shockingly, he too has started to speak to me again. Unfortunately, he still acts like an ass to me everytime he opens his mouth and that invisible sock I threw flies in. Oh well, I have +/- four months of school left, so I'll just have to grin and bear him, I mean his ego, urgh! I mean being in school for a while... yeah, that's what I mean. (Rolls eyes)

My report was good, in my opinion, but of course my genius Physics dad wanted to hear nothing of the 83% average I attempted. Oh well, you can't impress them all. And now the folks are telling me that I should consider giving up my dream of becoming a doctor (due to my apparently horrible marks) and apply to be a chiropractor. A freaking chiropractor!!! When I was small, I used to think that chiros are failed medical students wiht no brains. I've since changed my opinions of course, seeing that they make a lot of money. But the whole concept of surgery is just so appealing to me than curing someone's backache on a lab table with my bare hands. And my parents only suggested being a chiropractor because I'm the best, and only masseur in the family.

Life is good coz I found that cute gold ribbon wire (that's smaller than 2cm) that I lost on my birthday (and have been desperately looking for) because Charlie Chick took it from me when I was opening the birthday gift box it was attached to. Miraculously, I opened the dog food cupboard and newspapers from 2008 until 2010 came flooding out. It was like an ocean of black-and-white came spewing from the depths of the Atlantic Times. It was when I packing away the newspapers (and my poor starving dog was waiting for his food) that I found the ribbon. A packing job that took me half an hour was worth finding something so tiny. Only showing that no matter how crappy things get, it'll always work out in the end. If things don't work out, it's not the end honey...

Current Mood: Expecting nothing and implying nothing like Benjamin from Aniaml Farm. Hoping it keeps getting better yet knowing that all good things must come to an end.

Current Music: Nothing, in a big rush as usual.

Current Quote: "Everyone has a photographic memory. Some people just don't have film..."

Forty days (until grade 12 trial exams) started on Friday amidst the egg-throwing and condomising efforts of the Matric group. Nice effort guys, but you need to up the game. Make it more exciting, even stickier than last year and less obvious that you're throwing the goods by NOT standing in a large group of twenty to thirty boys. DUH!!! If you're going to do something legendary, PLEASE do it legendarily...

I have to go run and have supper/food pisoning/most proabably curry since I'm fasting today (yuck).

Bye Bye Muchachos

Now Muchachos make some real good food......... ;)


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