Sunday, June 6, 2010

Forever Young

Life is going too fast. It's speeding up, and I don't know how to stop it. In three months I'll have started serious exams and then finals are just around the corner. I'm singing the Cash Cash cover version of Forever Young, hoping that it will make time stop, but it just seems to take up more of my ever-short time.

"Maybe we can stay and dance for a while, heaven can wait we're going out in style. Baby we can change our lives tonight... So let us die young or let us live forever, with nights like these that we will always remember. Boy, we're gonna shake this town tonight. Forever young, I wanna be forever young... Do you really wanna live forever???"

Fortunately I - unlike Mahogany and Jason X and Wicked and all of my other friends in my previous school - am almost done with exams. Tomorrow is the dreaded chemistry and then Tuesday, I am finito! Weirdly enough, Jason X is also writing Chemistry tomorrow, so this is where the story starts:

Okay, people have been teasing me with some other guy in another school, and Jason X and Psycho Arrow the whole week, so I've had a denial-filled existence so far, you could say. And then on Friday after school, my Nee-Chan, Lady Ayaka left me alone with Psycho Arrow and yeah.... People would not leave us alone. Aaand my parents saw him hug me when I left school and they too went on about it the whole evening. On Friday as well, Wicked phoned and asked if he could study Chemistry with me even though I dislike studying with other people because I can't focus. And, truth be told, my school has not even done the same work yet, so ya. That was my excuse.

Then, on Saturday night, Psycho and I spoke until midnight, which was when I wished him HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY to him and his girlfriend. That same night, his "best friend" (let's call him Silver Eyes from now on) asked if he could study Chemistry with me today (Sunday). I don't know, that just crushed me. Like, I know I have brains, but sometimes I feel like that's all I'm good for. Like that's all people ever want from me. Use me just to help them pass life... But, of course, I said no because I was supposed to go out today anyway.

Then, just as I thought I was home free, I woke up this morning and had a lazy day. I had just washed my hair and finally got down to Physics, when Jason X phoned and asked my mother if he and his brother could study at my house because he had visitors at his house. So, my parents actually left me alone with Jason X for once. I kinda had fun time in a study-way. And they left this evening. Oh, and when he wasn't studying, we spoke alot and he too started teasing me with Psycho Arrow. And last night Jason X told me that he had a crush on one of his best friends, who also happens to be Charlie Chick's friend! And she likes him too!!! Haha, so now people can stop teasing me with him. So yeah, I too was teasing him the whole day with her.

Later on today, Charlie Chick dropped by to give me a money-envelope for our transport driver, and lipgloss-lips, ass-faced Robert Pattinson is on TV as Twilight is playing, so here I am. Now you're updated. And now Psycho Arrow thinks that I have a crush on some guy in another school that I used to speak to (because Ayaka told him that on Friday and he was asking me about it).

Current Music: "My Moves Are White, (White Hot That Is)" by Cobra Starship. It's a hot, funny song. =) You should check it out.

Current Mood: I'm freezing my ass off here in the study! So, hmmm.... Arctic?

Current Quote: "Let me be the subject of your distraction..." This was supposed to be a new song, but I've had writer's block for like five months now, so nevermind. It's my line, so don't steal it.

And this is to my crazy friend, Ayaka: I just read your blog (finally!) and it was so cool! I loved all the outfits, and I totally laughed when that chick that was stalking Psycho Arrow on Friday said that you had no taste in fashion. Seriously, I love your clothes and the dresses you bought! Where did you even get them? And yeah, I've known something was up but I knew you wouldn't tell me. But, actually, I've been having the same doubts, and I too want to take a gap year, but I've already applied everywhere. =( And you know what I think?

Dude, you are an amazing person and a free-spirited soul, and I can see that this is eating you up. My advice, speak to your mum - she'll understand. You've only got one life to live, so make it count! Go to Tokyo and take awesome pics - I'll even buy you the camera for your birthday! You should definitely take a gap year, because Medicine is like twelve years, and you'll never get another chance! Also, I can see that you're kinda feeling regrets for stuff, so speak to your parentals and travel the world. THEN go and study Medicine - otherwise you won't be in the right frame of mind or willing to work. Like Confucius say, "SCREW THE MASSES!!!"
Oh wait... pssh! That's ME! Hehe...

"Baby we can sing our way through time, these minutes are ours gotta make them shine. This ticking from a clock up in the sky. Cause I wanna be forever young... Do you really want to live forever?"

I gotta go sleep and then get my ass whipped by an exam tomorrow. Goodnight people of the world. Don't let the bed monster bite... =) ♥ ;)
Maybe we can stay and dance for a while...
Heaven can wait ----->