Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer Holiday... Err, Winterr? Err... Summer?

We're all going on a summer holiday. No more working for a week or two. Fun and laughter on our summer holiday, no more worries for me or you, for a week or two…” If only Cliff Richards’ ‘Summer Holiday’ classic hit could better cover up some of the messes we get into on a winter vacation. A lot, and I mean A LOT has happened in the past month, so I’m just gonna jump right into it. Okay, firstly, for a while Hiro (His name doesn't deserve to be written in colour, LOL) and Mahogany have been having some trouble, but neither of them really knew what it was. So, on the last day of the second semester, I had finished writing Physical Sciences on the 26th and unbelievably – well, it was rather shocking, but I got a text message from Mahogany – Hiro dumped Mahogany. That was like so crushing for me to hear. It totally astonished me and I really didn’t believe it, and couldn’t believe that someone as quiet and well, naïve as him would be capable of doing something like that! He said it’s because they felt like they were “Just friends”, even though I know for a fact that Mahogany has put a lot into their relationship and that he hasn’t even tried to save it, and he even stopped confronting her about anything or speaking to her normally. And to do it on the last day of school before the holidays!!!!! =( That totally sucks and was so selfish, and I’m not just saying this cos I’m her best friend, but I literally froze when I read it. And Wicked and Jason X knew for a long time and they are ¾ of the time with her and they never even warned her or hinted towards it! Bloody males!
That day Charlie Chick, the two of them and I met at Charlie’s house and they kinda contradicted each other. I asked them for how long they knew that Hiro was gonna dump Mahogany, and Wicked was all the past "For two weeks", and Jason X was like "Since last month" in unison, then they looked at each other and Jason was all "For the past two weeks" and Wicked was like "Since last month", then they started blabbering and kept quiet, even when Charlie cornered them! Geez! Oh, and I feel so terrible, cos the 29th was her seventeenth birthday, and I couldn’t be there with her because my parents were working and I had no transport to see her! Damn! I still feel crappy about it!
The holidays are extremely tedious and suckish, and from the 5th to the 10th July I attended a development course at the local university for 100 chosen science students, and it was so damn long and annoying! There were only two cute guys – both imbeciles! And I got back and was so tired! But, the reason I decided to write tonight was actually to tell you about what happened that week:
Okay, I really had to update my experiences. So I get there and it’s pretty boring and nobody understands me blah blah blah but at least I got my own room, whilst the other two candidates chosen from my new school (two girls) had to share with each other. And my parents didn’t want to leave, but the truth is, the whole week I only missed my house, t.v. room and bathroom! And my bed! =( Okay, so we had to get up at 4:30am on Monday morning and have breakfast by six, and the same for Friday, but the rest of the days we had breakfast at 7am. And, anyone who knows me knows that I have never gotten up at 4am in winter in my entire life! And we had junk food and sweets packages and takeaways everyday! Gosh I’m gone so fat, I’m like gonna cycle for 100km on my parent’s stationary bicycle everyday! Right, what I need to tell you is the highlight of my week. So, on Monday night when I went to go have a bath, I realised I had my stuff. Wednesday came and I set my alarm on my cellphone for 5am. It didn’t go off! Oh, and on Tuesday night the leaders in our dorm woke me up at eleven in the night and was telling everyone to put the locks on their doors because people might come in. I mean, WTF?!!! No one ever did. And I could hardly sleep because the girls dorm was really noisy and people ran around making noise at every hour. So, people were up early on Wednesday, and I was thinking, “Shut up, will you?!” Then, I thought I heard my name, and jumped out of bed. I looked at the time – it was about 6:35 and breakfast was at 6:50am! I ran out of my room and closed the door and went to the bathroom. When I came back, I tried opening my door but it wouldn’t. then I froze. The lock was on the door – and I had forgotten to take my door keys with me! The room could only open from the inside because of the lock! I was pulling on the door, and further down the corridor, one of the guides was like, “(My name), please tell me you have your keys with you?!” and I walked towards her and started freaking out in my blue satin PJs. She pointed to two other girls and said that I wasn’t the only one. And, to tell you the truth, every time I made a mistake or said something stupid, that guide was always near me! And, just my luck, she was one of the leaders of my group! So she took us to the top of the staircase to one of the other guides’ rooms, after banging on one of the university’s residence’s rooms, and then we were freezing, and she was all call campus security. And she told us to go back down and try banging on the door of that residence’s room again. There was music in the residence’s room, but no one was answering which was kinda freaky. So, the leader told us that we had to go wait in the lobby of the residence because the campus security was going to meet us there. She said that her leader meeting for the development week started an hour ago and that she had to go set up for breakfast. Mind you, we (100 learners) were staying in one of the university’s girl dorms, but the problem was that they allocated the boys to the first floor and the girls to the second. The second problem was that the lobby was guarded by male securities, was always wide open, and there were three passages leading to the lobby/foyer from the boys’ bedrooms! So, me in my pajamas, another girl in her gown and another in her bath towel went downstairs. Luckily, we had wasted enough time phoning the necessary people so that by the time we went down, most of the kids had gone down for breakfast. However, mostly everyone (mostly the girls) had known we had locked ourselves out of our dorm. When security arrived I had to dress in like five minutes and ran downstairs for breakfast; but they hadn’t even started eating! I was late for everything because I had my stuff and that means that I was really flustered and I was late for everything and freaking out and had to got the bathroom a lot, etc… As if that wasn’t bad enough, after lunch we went to the science expo area of the university, and group by group we were taken to go see the Camera Obscura, which is a camera that can see the whole of my city using light reflecting rays. I was in group four. So, we got to play with all the science equipment, and when it was our turn, we had to leave. Group three had just left and then… my nose started bleeding! Yeah, I have this thing that started suddenly during the June examinations this year: every time I wipe my nose, it starts bleeding a little bit. So, I was with this quiet girl and it started bleeding, but it was strange because my nose started bleeding heavily! We ran to the bathroom and I felt so embarrassed because she was kinda grossed out. Then we went back to the main area and continued playing with the gadgets. Then, it started again! So I quickly ran to the bathrooms, and when I recovered my dignity, I walked into the room and I couldn’t find my group! I asked these two girls and they said that they had left already for the Camera Obscura! I ran out, freaking out, and to my surprise, there were a couple of the other groups’ guides and leaders outside, including the girl leader in my group who always saw me mess up. Once again, she saw me look like an idiot and told me that the others had left and if I ran I could catch up with them. So, I ran and up ahead I saw one of the male leaders in my group and he was with a boy who also got left behind. And then when we got to the building we were supposed to be in, we walked six flights of stairs. Yes, six. And then the male guide decided to use the lift. When we got to the lift, the cameraman for this programme was just getting into the lift. He told us that we had walked to the highest level and that we were supposed to have taken the elevator to the highest level, and not walked the six flights of stairs, because the elevator stopped after that, and then you’d have to walk again after that. Then I felt really useless, exhausted and depressed. We walked six flights of stairs for nothing, instead of just taking the elevator to the highest level, only to have to walk another three flights od stairs to get to the Camera Obscura! And when I got there, everybody was already seated around the small table that would reflect the light and I had to stand at the small back space with the guys! =( It was a really awful day and I suppose it was the worst of my life! Oh yeah, did I mention we went to the zoo that day – at night! For three hours, walking, in my red Ferrari pain and cramps. Tom really hates me. Really! =( and then on the way to the porcupines, we were walking uphill and some girl tramps the back of my Converse shoe and pull my left foot out of it. So, I’m like limping up the steep hill, because I was already at the back of the group and it was dark and there I am, trying to push my foot back into the shoe. We get to the porcupines and people are looking at me weirdly because my shoe is completely off my foot and I’m hopping all over trying to put it back on. I couldn’t hold onto any handle bars or counters because the whole group was surrounding the railings and bars and I couldn’t hold onto anything. Oh, and I still had to wash my hair that night and on the way back we were supposed to go to the Union Buildings, so we drove past and we got back very late and I had to get up at 5 the next day and it was really bad. Oh, lastly, before I go, Wednesday was the worst day of my life, and my alarm didn’t go off on Friday, the last day, either! =( Sorry Samsungs, but you all kinda suck. And I was late as well on Friday, and that was the day we had to pack and carry our bags around the campus to the dormitory hall, and well, let’s just say, I’m glad to be back, even though me and my parents kinda argue constantly for small things. And my grandpa lectures constantly that I watch too much TV, oh and my nose started bleeding again now and my dad was being a bastard about it. Gosh! I am so freaking sick of them!
And they keep pestering me what I want for my birthday, even though they know that I just want a hot pink watch and I always do this a few months before my birthday – say what I want. And then, like a month before my birthday I stop saying the one thing that I want, and if you didn’t listen or forgot, I shall not repeat myself again because it’s not right. It's like this tradition I do every year and only recently discovered that I unconsciously do it. So, they keep asking me, “What was it you wanted again? Some watch brand? The brand’s name was something pink, right?” Actually, no, you bucking father. I do not like brand names – they are controversial and stupid. I want a watch, any watch, except the watch straps must be hot pink in colour. That is it. That’s all. Now, that is not hard to remember, but I shall not remind them, even though they had a week to get it when I was at the Development week, and they work everyday, so they have a car when I’m not with them. And, to tell you the truth, what I want for my birthday is not a watch. It’s not right to ask for a present. It’s rude and selfish. But, since this is my freaking blog, I want my granny to be immortal, I want a physical make-over on the lines of Jessica alba or some supermodel, and I want my sister to come home. Permanently. That’s it. but, I have to go and argue with them now. Cos everything is apparently my fault. Goodnight. Oh! Wait!

Current Mood: Paining neck, sinus headache (even though I can’t wipe my nose without it bleeding) and aching back. Oh, but I’m good mood wise.

Current Music: So, today I was watching the first few episodes of the first season of The O.C, and I got Phantom Planet’s “California”, the theme song to The O.C stuck in my head. Oh, and I love Kristinia Debarge’s “Goodbye”. That song rocks!

Current Quote: “If you’re lost, you can look and you will find me – time after time. If you fall, I will catch you, I’ll be waiting – time after time…” Only, I have like hundreds of remixes and cover songs of the original Time After Time, because I think that the lady who sung the original song can’t even flippin’ sing.

And I’m thinking of having the crumpets the white bitch made tomorrow for breakfast. I woke up and could smell the pancake mixture, just like my sister used to make, only my mother calls them “Crumpets” and not Flap jacks or Pancakes. WTFreak?! Oh, and on Saturday, I just have to say, I got up at something to twelve in the afternoon, because that’s how tired I was after sleeping only four hours on Thursday night because of the Development’s lame leaving party and the fact that everybody was making tons of noise.

Goodnight. Wait! Holy Lady Gaga! It’s only 9h30 pm! Wow! I thought it was midnight at least! Okay, I’m still reeling from lethargia, if that even a word. Night my lovely readers. Mwa! =) Oh, wait, last time I promise! I just spellchecked the word: it’s lethargy. Right, night. That rhymed…

MWAHZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

Sorry about tonight’s blog being so long!!!!