Friday, January 30, 2009

...Don't Call Me Baby...

Either this was an original by Madison Avenue, or I just got a sudden rush of nostalgia from my sister's Bump 7 album remixes. Either way, what is it about guys, that makes them think that even though they're not that good looking, they have a chance with a hot girl? You don't see queer girls asking out Zac-Efron-lookalikes! They just drool from the sidelines... And what is it about guys, to just go around randomly hitting on girls, and then when they (The girl) refuse their pathetic attempt at desperation, it automatically makes that girl a 'Child' and physically 'Insecure?' Like I said, "...Don't think that I'm not strong. I'm the one to take you on. Don't underestimate me boy. I'll make you sorry you were born. You don't know me. The way you really should. You sure misunderstood, Don't' call me baby. You got some nerve, and baby that'll never do. You know I don't belong to you. It's time you knew I'm not your baby. I belong to me, so Don't call me baby!..."
Tomorrow I will be attending a wedding for people I don't know, sitting for three hours with people I don't know, and then congratulating people I don't bloody know!!! At least Wicked is going to be at the same wedding (We're kinda related through my mother's side), so we can at least catch up. I wonder when we're going to have this 'supposed' gathering of ours. Whenever that happens, I have a few things to give Hiro, Mahogany and Jason X. And then there's also the dilemma that my Physical Sciences teacher will not stop pounding me with homework and assignments - everyday!!! And he can't even teach properly.
And then on top of it all, Valentine's Day is coming up soon, and who knows what will happen? I do. Gypsy Girl knows (Or rather, doesn't care) what she's planning for V-Day, 'cos (not counting) over ten guys have already hit on her, including girls. And then there's Charlie Chick, who's made a connection through destiny (How cute!) with a guy who used to be in my class ages ago in my school, and the last I saw him was Grade Two, so he doesn't even remember me. Nonetheless, I profoundly think that they make a cute couple. It's like he completes her in almost every aspect.
And here's the reasons why/how, since Charlie Chick will probably be reading this, and will not believe me:
1 - She talks too much like me. He's really quiet and aloof.
2 - She's outspoken and confident. He gets shy only around her and starts blushing.
3 - She has a cute laugh. He has shy giggle.
4 - He's fair. She's not so much the opposite, but you get the picture. But she's not dark!
5 - She's short, he's rather tall, but not Michael Jordan-ish typish.
6 - She's flirty he's sweet (From what I hear).
7 - She's not afraid to take risks, and he hid behind his friends' back on the first day of starting at our new school (Yes, he's in the new school as well).
8 - He's sensitive and Charlie Chick is complementary.
*More will probably be added, but until then, Wicked thinks he's heart's now broken, because he had a major crush on her, and now she (Charlie Chick) had a boyfriend while he didn't know. Which isn't fair, because if Gypsy Girl, for example, could not be allowed to have a boyfriend because +/- eleven guys liked her and were crushing on her, then, what's the sense in that?! It's not fair to force yourself upon someone, like Charlie's Older Guy friend (Also in the new school) is doing to Gypsy Girl ,who doesn't like him, from what I hear. But it's not fair either to rekindle or continue a relationship when your heart's not in it (Like Gypsy Girl is doing to that Older Guy). So you see, Gypsy Girl and Older Guy have some unknowing issues to solve. Since from Sunday it's officially the month of LOVE, the themes in all the posts will be about love until V-Day is over. Then I will go back to harassing my colleagues, making lists about my friends and using sarcastic comments to avoid relationships. Speaking of which, I did make a long list in the December holidays last year, 100 Reasons Why Jason X And I Would Not Make A Good Couple, which I gave secretly to Charlie Chick after promising her 100 reasons. I finished all 100 in 2 hours. Because since Grade 2, everyone teased me with Jason X, who is really like a brother to me. Even my old school's teachers, my sister and all my friends. Including Charlie Chick. So, just to prove a point, I wrote 100.
Current Mood: I think I'm feeling malevolent because of the annoying and petulant day I had in school today.
Current Music: "Walk This Way" - the re-done version by Sugababes Vs. Girls Aloud. I recently discovered that the original was by Aerosmith, but the new version sounds hipper and better in my opinion.
Quote Of The Day: "All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts..." - William Shakespeare, from 'As You Like It'.
After waiting extremely long to use the computer and complete my physics assignment on LEDs, I have my chance. So, from my end, goodnight and sweet dreams. The month of love is upon us. All my quotes henceforth will touch upon such a topic, and please excuse me if I randomly break out into dialect from Shakespeare's era. "...Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, That I shall say good night till it be morrow..." - Romeo & Juliet