Monday, July 19, 2010

The Way The World Works

"There's so much in life that's undecided, there's so much trouble that's uninvited.
And only so much you can control."
Okay, the above title is a slow track from Pixie Lott and just basically sums up the universe, love and life in one song. Oh yeah, and me being a true blue klutz.
Let's start from the beginning:
This past June/July holiday was the long-awaited Soccer World Cup, but yours truly was stuck in Winter school for one cold week with a bunch of other sespods. And then, for another week I was loafing around and staying at random family members.

Oh, and here's the best (or slightly worst) part: My parents dragged me overseas with them for the first time. And guess where our crazy plane was headed? Thailand. And against my will nonetheless. This is an actual conversation of what I said to my dad:
Prison Guard (Dad): Mummy and I are taking you to Thailand for your 18th birthday and her 50th birthday.
Me: Um... if it's just the three of us then I don't want to go.
PG: Why? It will be a nice experience, seeing another country different from ours...
Me: No, it's just... because I'll be on my own and it'll be boring.
PG: But there's so much to do, like swimming at the beach and shopping.
Me: Dad, urgh! You know I hate shopping!
PG: Did you know that THE BEACH, starring Leonardo DiCaprio was shot in Phuket?

The usual arguing and screaming at each other that me and my parents do continued normally for a week.

Me: Fine! if you're going to keep speaking to me like that, then I'm not going with you to Thailand! It's my birthday present and you can't force me to go with you against my will!
PG: I don't care what you want! You're coming to Thailand with us whether you like it or not!

After that, I had to tell Charlie Chick that once again I will be missing her birthday, and that was very hard for me to do because it seems like I always let her down in thee circumstances.

28 June, 2010 - Day before her birthday. Got on plane. Ate all the food. Saw a hot punk-rocker. Witnessed heaven on earth, ageless sunsets and mystifying clouds as the plane ascended from South Africa.

When I got off the plane in the Bangkok airport, we got on a bus and headed straight to the hotel - what a long drive! I was told to have a shower, after not having slept for 24 hours straight and suffering from asthma in the high humidity of Bangkok. Oh, and I never ate for 16 hours after that because all my parentals wanted to do was visit temples. Anyone that knows me, knows that temples are like dark times for me. We got back to the hotel the next morning, after having walked around Bangkok and sightseeing the entire day. It was about 2am when I got into bed and at 5am I had to get up. I didn't sleep at all due to Jet Lag and Time differnces.
The next day, at about 7am we were off again. I hadn't slept for 48 hours (the longest I have ever been without sleep) and once again I had to beg my dad by lunch time to buy me food. This holiday was not off to a good, or even okay start.

The next day I was on a plane off to Phuket and I tried to sleep for the one hour flight on the plane but nothing kicked in. We arrived in Phuket amidst rainstorms and traffic, and when we arrived at the hotel, there were geckos and lizards all over the walls. Yeah, you guessed it. I'm not afraid of spiders or snakes or even flying on a plane. Heck, I rode an elephant by myself. I am freaking scared of lizards. And they were everywhere!!! This was going from bad to worse.

The positive higlights of my holiday:
- Thai is a beautiful language and the culture is even more exquisite.
- The humidity actually curled my hair nicely.
- Thai people are extremely friendly, calm, patient and pure of heart. They are so proud to share thier country with you, and everybody is so helpful!
- The food is fantastic! And they have transport and communication systems so advanced it would make I ROBOT weep. I mean, they have lorries that speak, narrators in the trains, on-call policemen and a uniform work ethic. If the whole move-to-America thing doesn't work out, then I'm definitely moving to Phuket!
- I did go to Phi Phi Island - where the movie, THE BEACH was shot. On the same day I rode an elephant, tasted awesome ice-cream, went quad-biking, swam in crystal clear water, saw dolphins in the ocean, went rocky white river rafting, also went snorkeling on two different locations, swam with sea urchins and anemone, and visited the cashew factory!
- The next day I sat in a boat with a hot Australian guy my age, saw the infamous James Bond Island and Ice-Cream cave!!!!!

Okay, now those were the parts I REALLY liked! Actually, to think about it, the only hot guys I saw were foreigners; Spanish, Aussie, British, American, Brazilian.... ;) you name it honey - Thailand has it! And the shopping, needless to say - and I'll probably deny it if you ever ask me - was great! Thailand makes shopping fun. I can't believe I just said that. Anybody who knows me knows that I'd rather run around in the sprinklers, do crazy sports or play X-box than go shopping. Wowie...

On my last day, I told my dad that I didn't want to go swimming in the Phuket beach because we had to pack for the flight home. So, there I was, swimming in the beach. I was trying to swim away from these two really creepy foreign men who were coming closer and closer to me. I was like, "Yo! I saw the movie Taken and this creepy stuff right here ain't on with me dudes." And I was in the deep end. That was when I got stung by a jellyfish, and there's another long story there but this blog entry is long enough. If you know me, and want to know the story, just ask coz it's really funny and klutzy. What you should know is that the tentacles got wrapped around my left arm and also on my entire left leg and foot. Ow... it still hurts or itches when you touch it and that happened more than ten days ago...

There shall be more about the past two weeks coming soon...

Current Mood: Neutral? Kind of like Vaseline? LOL

Current Music: The unusual sighing of my CPU and Pixie Lott's cool song, "Jack". It's catchy.

Current Quote: "Ow, my fellyjish (jellyfish) bite is itching again... I hate this."
Also, "I shall call him (meaning the jellyfish) Squeeshy and he shall be mine! Muhahahahaha..."

TUNE IN BECAUSE: In the next episode of Freaking Happy, the Sarcastic Soul documents her and Lady Ayaka's 18th birthdays. The Witch Bitch gets older and the Sarcastic Soul learns that balloons and that guy Silver Eyes are strangely attracted to her hair. Based on true stories...


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